MBB Bo.108


First flown on 15 October 1988, the Bo.108 is a flight test vehicle with which the technical and economical potential of advanced systems can be assessed. This also includes subsystems integrated into a new airframe. The helicopter initially undertook a comprehensive flight test programme to assist in the advance of helicopter technology particularly in the following: Rotor technology, and the development of dynamic systems, anti-resonance isolation systems, composite structures, electrical and avionic systems, cockpit installations and engine integration. At the present time the Bo.108 is equipped with two Allison 250 C20-R engines but the engine compartment has been designed to allow other power units such as the Turbomeca TM319 or the Pratt & Whitney PW205B/1.

P.Allen "The Helicopter", 1996

Generally of the same configuration and intended to fulfil the same roles, the five/ six-seat BO 108 was designed to replace the BO 105 on the production line in the mid-1990s. The first of two prototypes (D-HBOX) flew for the first time on 15 October 1988 powered by two Allison 250-C20R turboshafts. Fitted with higher-powered Turbomeca TM-319 Arrius IBs engines and equipped with a single-pilot EFIS-based IFR system, the second prototype, nominally stretched by 15cm, flew in June 1991. A third powerplant, the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206B, will also be offered to operators. Certification is planned for 1994 with first customer deliveries in 1995. Using the MBB-developed advanced technology hingeless main rotor (since adopted for the Sikorsky/Boeing AH-66 Comanche attack helicopter), the BO 108 is expected to find wide markets. German-built aircraft intended for North America will be completed at a new MBB assembly plant at Fort Erie in Canada.

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Technical data for Bo-108

Engine: 2 x Allison 250-C20R-3 turboshaft, rated at 335kW, main rotor diameter: 10m, length with rotors turning: 10.6m, height: 3m, take-off weight: 2500kg, empty weight: 1225kg, cruising speed: 270km/h, ceiling: 5000m, range with max fuel: 800km