Lioré LeO C.34


In 1935 the French company designers Liore et Olivier, after studying the Cierva autogyro firm and Kellett, began developing their own gyroplane design. As a result, in the next year the LeO C-34 was released. It has a large, powerful engine (Gnome & Rhone 7Kg 350 hp). Tests have shown problems with the design and the gyro was returned back to the factory. Only in 1938, a modernized version was again admitted to the test. However, this time with the same success. The only instance of the C-34 was captured by the Germans. Its fate is unknown. (translated)

In 1936 an aircraft larger and more powerful was studied with La Cierva and Kellett. On the first draft he was to be armed with a machine gun. It was also equipped with a more powerful engine, a Gnome and Rhone 350 hp. trials were disappointing and in 1938 the prototype was rebuilt with major changes, but without success. 

The prototype was seized in the Paris region the Germans followed up. Jacques Moulin 2003. Read "The gyros LeO & C.30 C.301" by Jacques Moulin. The 2003 Editions Press.