Lioré et Olivier LeO C.30 / C30S


In 1934 Lioré et Olivier obtained an exclusive license from Cierva to produce their autogiros in France. The first model produced was the two-seat LeO C.30 which was fitted with an 175 hp Salmson 9Ne radial engine. The rotor of the C.30 could be spun up by the engine to allow the aircraft to shorten the take-off run, and the rotor disc could also be tilted to maneuver the aircraft in flight.

The LeO C.30 had its maiden flight in 1935, and a total of 59 were produced for the Armee de l’Air, and it was developed into the LeO C.30S, Sud-Est C.301, and Sud-Est C.302.

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LeO C30S

LeO C30S