GyroTec DF02


The GyroTec DF02 is a German autogyro, designed and produced by GyroTec Michael Obermaier of W├Ârth am Rhein. The DF02 is supplied as complete ready-to-fly-aircraft.

The DF02 features a single main rotor, a single-seat enclosed cockpit with an optional bubble canopy, tricycle landing gear and a twin cylinder, liquid-cooled, two-stroke, dual-ignition, fuel-injected 70 hp (52 kW) Hirth 3503 engine in pusher configuration.

The aircraft uses a 7.45 m (24.4 ft) diameter, high-inertia Averso Aviation rotor, with a chord of 21.6 cm (8.5 in). The rotor head was designed by GyroTec and includes a disc-style rotor brake, pre-rotator and integral articulation stops. The DF02 has an empty weight of 175 kg (386 lb) and a gross weight of 300 kg (661 lb), giving a useful load of 125 kg (276 lb).

The bubble canopy can be removed for flight in warm weather. In 2009 the canopy size was increased to accommodate taller pilots.