Entecho Mupod


The Mupod is Entecho's Micro Unmanned CAV, at one quarter the size of the Hoverpod. It may be easily transported and deployed anywhere. With no exposed blades, the Mupod will be safe to fly indoors or near other objects. With VTOL capability, stable hovering and low noise thanks to electric motors, the Mupod will be ideal for many UAV situations.

With a diameter of only 600 mm in flight, the Mupod is narrow enough to fly indoors, down hallways and through doorways (800 mm). The Mupod's flexible skirt acts as a protective buffer, so light contact with objects such as walls, poles or trees is no problem, unlike craft with exposed blades such as helicopters. Therefore, the Mupod is the ideal candidate for UAV missions in unstructured clustered environments. For transportability, the Mupod skirt can be retracted to be a compact 500 mm diameter, making it great for backpack deployment.

By implementing high efficiency brushless electric motors and high energy density Lithium Polymer batteries, the Mupod’s propulsion system is mechanically simple, clean, quiet, safe and easily maintainable. Furthermore, the lack of exhaust emissions allows the Mupod to be operated indoors.

The current state-of-the art in Lithium Polymer Batteries limits the Mupod’s endurance to less than half an hour. For greater endurance requirements, alternative propulsion system can be implemented.

The Mupod has the following specifications:




300 mm

Diameter (skirt retracted)

500 mm

Diameter (skirt deployed)

600 mm

Maximum Take-Off Weight

6 kg