EADS Military Aircraft - Eurocopter Orka 1200


Launched 2003 in wake of aborted Seamos (German Navy) programme for shipboard operation; revealed publicly in mockup form at Paris Air Show in June of that year. Smaller and less complex than Seamos, thus operable from smaller vessels. Intended primarily as fleet protection asset, capable of undertaking reconnaissance, surveillance, OTH targeting, EW, ASW, search and rescue, communications relay and other missions.Decision taken to base design on French Bruno Guimbal G2 Cabri two-seat civil light helicopter, modified second prototype of which made its maiden flight on 31 March 2005. In June 2005, EADS subsidiary Eurocopter formed joint venture with Guimbal, known as Vertivision (51 and 49 per cent holdings respectively), to develop and market unmanned version of Cabri as Orka-1200 demonstrator, with GCS provided by EADS Defence and Communications.

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