Dynali H2


The H2 light helicopter was an original design of Belgian Mr. Jacques Tonet and was developed in Belgium by Dynali SA Hélicoptères. A prototype/PoC aircraft was flown in 2000 or 2001 and this featured a very simple tubular steel skeleton structure, a skid type u/c and a conventional tail rotor.

H2: This was a much more developed version and the first example (the rebuilt first example) appeared in 2004. Power plant in the H2 was one 115hp Rotax R914 engine and it featured a streamlined cabin and fuselage produced mainly from Carbon fibre and Kevlar and a so called Fenestron type (shrouded) tail rotor. The prototypes aircraft was developed under French homebuilt rules and designed to meet JAR27 standards.

H2S: This slightly refined production version switched to one 135hp (de-rated from 158hp) t/s Subaru EJ25 modified car engine as power plant and was marketed in kit form for amateur construction by Dynali SA Hélicoptères of Belgium. Deliveries started in 2007. The first H2S made its maiden flight late-2005 and the type received DGAC (France) certification in November 2006.

H2T: Based on the H2S airframe, but powered by one small turbine engine. This variant was under development/test in 2007.

Walter van Tilborg