Dornier Do 34 "Kiebitz II"


The second version of the "Kiebitz" reconnaissance platform developed in 1966. This version had a KHD T212 or MAN-Turbine engine, and a larger rotor with tip-jet drive. The sensors were installed in a payload-carrier under the engine support frame. The radar had a circumferential 360-degree antenna within a protective radome, giving the platform its characteristic thickness at the base. The two downward-facing pipes on the sides blow air through nozzles to stabilize the platform when hovering. 

The Do 34 "Kiebitz II" carried out over 550 test-flights by the end of September 1981. Both the Do 32K and the Do 34 are currently exhibited at the Bückeburg Helicopter Museum. The ground stations, however, were scrapped, and the borrowed truck used during the tests was returned to the army.