Denel XTP-1 Beta


The Puma XTPI and Alpha XH1 are both new helicopters. The former is a Puma 330 test-bed incorporating a high proportion of locally made components. These include a GA-1 20mm gun system mounted under the fuselage and stub wings for carrying other weapons like 18-round pods of 68mm rockets. It is part of a program aimed at achieving self-sufficiency for the future SAAF helicopter fleet.

International Combat Arms, 1989

The SAAF became the first foreign buyer of the SA 330C Puma, receiving 20 helicopters in 1969-1970. Two helicopters, no. 189 and 190 were later used for the development of the XTP-1 Beta attack helicopters. This picture shows a XTP-1 no. 189, which was used primarily for weapons trials, including the first launch of the V3B air-to-air missile from a helicopter.

Missile tests.