Bruel-Molinari-Duhamel BMD-01


The BDM-01 was designed by Mr. André Bruel (former chief of the helicopter division of Nord-Aviation) in co-operation with Mr. Duhamel and Mr. Molinari who were also working for Nord (hence the BDM-01 designation). The aircraft was built for research and test and bore some resemblance to the Nord N-1700/N-1710 which was also a design of Mr. Bruel and reportedly parts and components of the N-1710 were used in construction of the BMD-01. Only a single example was built with one 60-65hp Salmson 9Ad radial engine and this aircraft first flew in 1959. The aircraft later joined the Musée de l'Air et l`Espace collection at Le Bourget.

Walter van Tilborg