Aircopta (?)
Auster B9
BAE Systems Ampersand
Bevan helicopter
Bird Gyrocopter
Blackburn SP.60
Blackburn SP.62
Avro-Cierva C.9 / Type 576
Avro-Cierva C.9 / Type 581
Short-Cierva C.13 / 31/26
Cierva C.14 *
Cierva C.15
Cierva C.16 *
Cierva C.18 (Weymann-Lepère C.18)
Cierva C.20 (Focke-Wulf C 19 "Heuschrecke")
Cierva C.21 (Lioré et Olivier C.21)
Avro-Cierva C.22 / Type 665 (?)
Cierva C.23
Cierva C.26 (?)
Cierva C.28
Cierva C.29 (Westland-Cierva C.29)
Cierva-Lepère C.31 / C.L.20 (Westland-Cierva CL-20)
Cierva C.31
Cierva C.32
Cierva C.35
Cierva C.36
Cierva C.38
Cierva C.39 / S.22/38
Cierva W.14 "Skeeter" (Saunders-Roe W.14 "Skeeter")
Davies "Helipede"
GFS Projects Flying Saucer
GFS Projects GFS-7
Griffiths G.H.4 Gyroplane
Houston Gyroplane
Kestrel Aerospace Kestrel UAV
Kestrel Aerospace Lancer
Layzell "Merlin"
Stacey Pedalcopter
VTOL Technologies Aerial Police Dog
Wright-Capone helicopter No.1
Wright-Capone helicopter No.2
Wright-Capone helicopter No.3

* The Cierva C.14 and C.16 are in fact unknown designs. According to Stéphane, no details have survived as to what these projects actually were, so I cannot properly verify if they were rotorcraft or not.