Bodo Franke Frankocopter / "Volkshubschrauber" / "Volkscopter"


The new coaxial-rotor light helicopter built by Bodo Franke of Cologne. A three-seater, it has a 105hp engine and is expected to sell for DM 65,000.

"Flight", 21 March 1958

3-seat sport helicopter

One 105hp Hirth HM500 piston engine

Estimated cruise 100 mph, ceiling 12,125ft, endurance 6 hrs

Rotor diameter 25ft; length 17ft; height 10.417ft

DETAILS: This original design homebuilt light helicopter was developed by Mr. Bodo Franke and was referred to as the Franke-Copter or Volkscopter, The aircraft started trials during the late-1950s but was reportedly not flown and development was halted. The aircraft had one 105hp Hirth HM500 engine and featured co-axial rotors.

Production: 1

Walter van Tilborg