Aerotechnik WG.22


Following successful testing of the single-seat WGM 21 prototypes, Aerotochnik is developing a side-by-sido two-seat version, the WGM 22, with an extensively-glazed and fully-enclosed cabin.

The configuration of the WGM 21 and WGM 22 differs essentially from other and more familiar forms of helicopter in having four two-blade rotors, each mounted at the extremity of one of a pair of diametrically-opposed rotor support arms on top of the main rotor column. This configuration allows the entire output of the engine to be transmitted directly to the main rotors, and eliminates the need for tail control surfaces or a tail rotor. The support arms can bo folded enabling tho helicopter to bo stored in a small area.

It is estimated that the WGM 22, shown in mockup form in the accompanying photograph, will have a max speed of about 200km/h and a range of 800km.

Jane's All the World's Aircraft, 1975-76