Aerospatiale SA-365 "Dauphin 2"


The twin-engine version of the Dauphin designated SA.365 was flown on 24 January 1975. Based on the SA.360, it introduced two Turbomeca Arriel turbines delivering 650shp each. The first flight of the SA.366 took place two days after that of the prototype. It was identical except for the fact that the powerplant consisted of two 680shp Avco Lycoming LTS-101 turbines. The Starflex rotor was also fitted on the Dauphin 2 and production began in 1977, with demand for the aircraft steadily increasing.

Over 70 of the SA.365C were sold to civil operators and oil companies. From this model, the AS.365N variant was developed; it looked similar to its predecessor but in fact had 90 per cent new or improved parts. Modifications included extensive use of composite materials for the structure, rotor blades with a different profile, a modified fuselage and a retractable tricycle landing gear. The AS.365N is currently in production for civil or military use and just over 100 of these aircraft were in operation at the end of 1983.

The SA.366G version was developed at the same time as the AS.365N. Designed in response to an order from the US Coast Guard, it differed primarily in using American Avco Lycoming LTS-101 engines. For the search and rescue missions for which it is intended, the aircraft has sophisticated avionics equipment by Collins. It has two sliding doors, a rescue hoist and can take three stretchers and four assistants. One of the first civil models set a world speed record on 9 February 1980 by flying non-stop from Paris (heliport) to London at an average of over 294km/h, beating this two days later by a direct flight from Paris (Issy-les-Moulineaux) to London at 321.9km/h.

G.Apostolo "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Helicopters", 1984

SA.365 Dauphin 2  

SA.360 fitted with two 650shp Turbomeca Arriel 1A turboshafts Prot. F-WVKE FF 24 Jan. 1975. Second prot. F-WVKD used for testing retractable u/c.

SA.365C Dauphin 2  

Civil production version of SA.365 with 3382kg TOGW.

SA.365C1 Dauphin 2  

SA.365C with 667shp Arriel 1A1 turboshafts.

SA.365C2 Dauphin 2  

SA.365C with 670shp Arriel 1A2 turboshafts, 3480kg TOGW and modified transmission system.

SA.365N Dauphin 2  

SA.365C with retractable tricycle u/c, lengthened cabin with max 11 pax separated from crew, pointed nose, composite rotors new air intakes and redesigned under-floor fuel tanks. 710shp Turbomeca Arriel IC turboshaft, 3977kg TOGW. FF 31 Mar. 1979. Prot. F-WZJD.

SA.365N1 Dauphin 2  

SA.365 with 724shp Arriel 1C1 turboshafts, 4076kg TOGW and recontoured lower tail section eliminating ventral fin.

AS.365N2 Dauphin 2  

SA-365N with two 763shp Turbomeca Arriel 1C2 turboshafts, new gearbox, 4226kg TOGW.

AS.365N3 Dauphin 2  

AS.365N with quiet tail rotor and two Arriel 2C turboshafts. Prot. FF Oct. 1996.


AS.365N3 with wide 12-passenger fuselage, five-blade main rotor and improved avionics suite. Prot. FF 16 Jun. 1997. Redesignated EC-155.

SA.365F Dauphin 2  

Navalised SA.365N for Saudi Arabia etc. With pointed radar nose and either under-nose radar dish or antisubmarine missile system and 700shp Arriel 1M turboshafts. Prot. F-WZJD FF in this form 22 Feb. 1982.

SA.365M Dauphin 2  

Army light tactical version of SA.365N1 with 12-troop capacity. Powered by two 913shp Turbomeca TM.333-1M turboshafts. 4077kg TOGW. Prot. F-WZJV FF 29 Feb. 1984. Later named Panther.

Harbin Z.9  

Chinese licence-built SA.365M.

AS.365K Panther  

SA.365M with 748shp Arriel 1M1 turboshafts. Redesignated AS.565.

X.380 Dauphin  

SA.365N with combined composite rotor hub/mast, 5-blade rotor with swept tips, and 837shp Turbomeca Arriel IX turboshafts.

AS.366G / HH-65A Dolphin  

Three-seat SA.365N for US Coast Guard short-range recovery tasks with internal stretcher fittings, rescue hoist, pop-out flotation bags etc. 4027kg TOGW. Powered by two 680shp Textron-Lycoming LTS.101-750A-1 turboshafts. Prot. USCG.4101 FF 23 Jul. 1980. Four built.

AS.366G1 Dolphin  

Production AS.366G with LTS.101-750B-2 turboshafts and 4036kg TOGW. 92 built.

Aerospatiale SA-365

Technical data for Aerospatiale SA-365C "Dauphin 2"

Engine: 2 x Turbomeca Ariel turboshaft, rated at 485kW, main rotor diameter: 11.68m, length: 13.29m, height: 3.50m, take-off weight: 3400kg, empty weight: 1790kg, max speed: 315km/h, cruising speed: 255km/h, service ceiling: 6000m, hovering ceiling, IGE (OGE): 3350m (2600m), service ceiling: 6000m, range: 465km








SA.365N4 (EC-155)