Aerospatiale AS.565 "Panther"


The prototype of this military multi-mission development of the Dauphin 2 was first flown on 29 February 1984. Based on the standard SA.365N1 airframe, the primary changes include more composite materials and armoured crew seats to maximize survivability in combat zones, the introduction of Turbomeca TM333-1M turboshafts with a continuous rating of 751shp, and the provision of equipment to permit the use of armament and to allow for night operations. Roles can include aerial command post, anti-air (fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft), anti-tank, armed or unarmed reconnaissance, casualty evacuation, close support, electronic warfare, freight transport, high-speed assault transport, target designation and SAR.

M.Taylor "Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation", 1989


Technical data for Aerospatiale AS.565 "Panther"

Crew: 2, engine: 2 x Turbomeca TM333-1M turboshaft, rated 670kW at take-off, main rotor diameter: 11.94m, fuselage length: 12.07m, height: 4.07m, take-off weight: 4100kg, cruising speed: 275km/h, hovering ceiling, OGE: 2500m, range: 740km

Aerospatiale AS.565