A message to former Choristers of St. George's Church Choir...

Were you a Junior Chorister at St. George's many years ago- what are you doing now?  Your picture will still be on the Vestry Wall. Why not come back and have a look around the Choir Vestry on a Thursday night, you might like to have a sing.  You are most welcome.

After many years the choir is once again growing, the treble section is well and truly re-established, whilst it's not quite back to the numbers that St. George's was famous for under the late Michael English, our aim is to re-create the glory years in the modern age. 

There will always be a place for former Choristers, both children and adults, and you'd be more than welcome to attend a Thursday evening rehearsal and/or a Sunday Service to talk to our Director of Music,     John Horton.

Junior Choir
Boys or Girls Aged 7+reading ability is very helpful. Our Junior Choristers have fun. They always go out smiling and can't wait for Sunday!
No musical experience is necessary for our Junior Choir, just a love of singing and willingness to learn!
Senior Choir
All voice parts are welcome but particularly altos and tenors! We love to sing, most of us have some experience of sight reading, but this is not essential. Have you sung in any choir before?? You never lose your love of Church Music.   

Please contact our Music Staff  for further details

John Fletcher Music Site -

Although most of us at St. George's are very good sight readers!
A member of our choir has found a very good learning website. There is always so much music to learn over the Christmas period and our Choristers were extremely pleased this site existed!
We would like to thank John for the dedication he has put into this website and hope that other singers will find the link helpful.