Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs' career with Apple Inc. started when he created it with Steve Wozniak in 1976.  At the time, Steve noticed that all the computers being sold were mainframe ones, (computers which take up basically a whole room and the cost is great). So he and Steve redid the designs they were working on to build personal computers,(computers much smaller and the price much cheaper then the mainframe computers). The solution to this was Apple II, a computer that came put together, opposed to the Apple I which required you to buy separate pieces. The Apple II started being sold in 1977 and after a year of being sold, made a huge amount of money,  $2.7 million. Apple Inc. made history in earning money because they made $200 million dollars in a 3 year period.  In 1983, Steve Jobs released Lisa, a computer that required owners to have some experience with computers.  Lisa did not sell very well, due to the fact that other personal computers from other competitors, were selling at a lower price.  Apples biggest competitor was International Business Machines. Steve Jobs resigned in 1985, due to the failure of the Macintosh.  The Macintosh was a  computer that had icons, (today, some icons are photo booth and iMovie), and an arrow on thenscreen, called a mouse. The Macintosh was easy to use, but unfortunately the Macintosh did not sell well because it lacked some features other computers had, like a high quality printer for the computer. Due to the Macintosh not selling, Steve Jobs decided he had enough, because he resigned from Apple Inc. in  1985.

Steve said he wanted to leave Apple to work on a more advanced computer, and he would take the best engineers from the Mac team and start a new company called NeXT.  Apples response to this was threatening to sue him. With that in mind, Steve Jobs just left. Later in 1988, the NeXT computer was introduced at a big event held in San Francisco, and the company wanted the NeXT computer to end up in schools. But unfortunately, the computer did not sell well because of its black and white screen, and ability not to hook up to other computers. Since Steve Jobs was such a perfectionist, the release date kept being delayed. The operating system of the computer, was called NeXTSTEP. Sales were so bad,  that they started selling the computer to businesses. But even selling it to businesses did not help, because the sales were only hundreds a month. This computer was  nothing compared to the Macintosh, which had sales that were great. NeXT's biggest investor, Texas billionaire Ross Perot, left. The whole company was going nowhere.


Steve went to Pixar. At the time, Pixar was making hardware and software. But Steve decided to close the hardware business because it was not making enough money.  Pixar focused on their software that created 3D animation.  It was called RenderMan.  Steve put
John Lasseter in charge of the animation section. Pixar soon started making animated commercials. These commercials were able to keep the business going.  Pixar even signed a contract with Disney but Disney ended up canceling the contract to make the movie that would become Toy Story.  With the canceled contract and a failing company,  Steve Jobs was at the lowest point of his career.  He spent most of his days with his new wife Lauren, his his son Reed.

Return to Apple Inc.

The movie script for Toy Story was rewritten and Disney liked it.  Steve Jobs realized the potential of the movie and Pixar's association with Disney.  In 1995, Steve decided to take Pixar public.  The movie was a huge success.  Toy Story was the first computer-generated animated movie.  Steve owned 80% of Pixar and he made $1.5 million from Pixar's stock success.  However, in 1995, Apple was having its worst year ever.  Steve had been away from Apple for almost 10 years and the CEO of Apple, Gil Amelio, decided to purchase NeXTSTEP and use its operating system to replace the Mac OS.  Steve was back at Apple.  His title was called "informal adviser to the CEO." In 1997, Apple lost $700 million in sales and the Apple Board of Directors decided to fire Gil Amelio and replace him with Steve Jobs as the CEO.  Steve reoragnized Apple and in 1998 Apple released the iMac.  The iMac was very successful.  After the iMac, Apple released several successful desktop and laptop computers.  In 2001, Apple released what would become its most successful product.  It was the iPod.  iTunes was also released at in 2001 which would revolutionize the music industry.  Apple relased other success products, the iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, the iPod nano and the iPod Touch.Steve as suprised may people as he strats appearing on stage with amzing products, as of 2009. The most impressive item is the iPad.The ipad would soonly amke PC computers nothing campared to the iPad which is just like a computer, but portable.