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What makes us unique?

When donating to Step Up - 100% of your donation goes directly to what it is intended for and any separate administration costs are raised at our annual Halloween Silent Auction. We are proud to maintain this grassroots fundraising structure with our "Build a School Campaign". 

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Step Up for Students - Giving Children a Choice

Step Up for Students is a grassroots organization committed to building a school for tsunami-affected children in Habaraduwa, Sri Lanka. Between 2007-2011 we were previously known as Step Up Sponsorship with a close partnership to the Abhayadana School and Caritas Sri Lanka. At that time we provided academic sponsorships to over 120 children with 100% of sponsorship money going directly to the sponsored children for their school needs. We recognize that grassroots educational initiatives empower children to break free from cycles of poverty. An education gives students alternatives and most importantly, hope.