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Cancer treatment. Different methods for cancer curing.

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We're able to help patients with treatment of next diseases:

      Stomach cancer (carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, sarcoma);

      Bowel cancer (carcinoma, adenocarcinoma);

      Cancer of the female reproductive system (uterus cancercervix cancerovaries cancer);

      Throat cancer treatment;

      Esophageal cancer treatment;

      Bladder Cancer - Treatment;

      Methods of treatment of lung cancer;

      Treatment of breast cancer;

      Brain tumor (glioma, ependymoma, oligodendroglioma, etc.);

      prostate cancer;

      kidney tumor (kidney cancer treatment);

      Skin cancer (melanoma);

      Pancreatic cancer, news in cancer treatment;

      Treatment of prostate cancer (adenoma).

The efficiency of FLARAXIN application for the treatment of different malignant tumors.

Cancer is a malignant tumor. Oncologists and scientists from all over the world continue to explore the nature of this disease, as well as trying to find the most effective and versatile ways to treat cancer. Oncological diseases are so widespread around that no one can be sure that he is staying healthy. Therefore, early diagnostics is the best way of cancer control and treatment in time on 1st-3rd stage without massive metastases process by FLARAXIN and other herbal medicines.

Identification of diseases is possible with the help of quick and painless Cytological Morphological and Bio-Physical Diagnostics, that are replacing 26 traditional analyzes. Depending on what features were identified, can be assigned to different herbal medicines to treat these or other diseases. These diagnostics can also track the positive or negative effects of various medicines on the organs and systems of patient.

Identify the disease only by an experienced oncologist after a full examination of the patient. Depending on what features were identified, can be assigned to a variety of tests to confirm or deny the presence of tumor. Statistics say that the female gender is more susceptible to cancer genital problems and breast cancer. Men are more frequently detected lung cancer and digestive system cancer such as stomach adenocarcinoma.

Many Ukrainian clinics for cancer treatment are using specific tumor markers for rapid tests, quite accurately diagnosing the disease. Feature of these methods is that often it is possible to detect cancer in its earliest stages. It is recommended at least once a year to pass similar diagnostics to protect themselves. The later findings of tumor, than the higher cost of the cancer treatment patient should pay and lower chances of the full recovery. Our center offers the chance cure cancer for discharged patient from cancer clinic (dispensary), i.e. providing medical care to patients at stage 3-4 of disease with a high efficiency of treatment and can significantly increase the survival rate in the later stages.

Cost and methods for treating cancer:

Treatment of cancer diseases are appointed immediately after the diagnosis was determined. Existed a lot of treatment methods for cancer but efficiency depends on each individual case. Successful healing of a patient totally does not guarantee that another patient also cope with the illness. Therefore, even an experienced oncologist faces a difficult choice. Especially before the patient is often stay a question: what is the cost of cancer treatment? Unfortunately, even the most expensive and modern method do not guaranteed positive results. Exists a "treatment protocol of patients with cancer" that is prescriptive set of radio and chemotherapy procedures which has not changed for more than 60 years, modern clinics still following this protocol, only the signs are having changes, and the treatment procedure remains the same.

Center for Cancer Curing "Phoenix" offers oncological patients experienced professionals. Before assigning a course of treatment for you, the doctor takes into account a number of factors - the state of the immune system, the stage of the disease, its rate of spreading. If cancer disease was diagnosed at the first - third stage, the treatment is almost always successful. In the later stages of the disease treatment is a long process and in many cases successful.

Most often in oncological clinics for the cancer treatment the surgery with chemotherapy is used. The course of chemotherapy can have different duration and repeated several times. The cost of treating cancer by chemotherapy is very high, and is fraught with many negative effects on the patient. However, this treatment often gives for very short period of time positive results and then relapse is coming.

Radiation therapy represents a direct impact on the affected tissue, so the treatment is not harmful to the rest of the bodies. This therapy can prevent the development of cancer and tumors for short-term period, as well as a common practice in the preoperative treatment period.

For today patients are often prefer to pass radiosurgery. The peculiarity of this surgery is that the applied high frequency radio waves ado not required removal of the affected body parts. Such operations are also called non-contact, because it does not leave any wounds or scars.

The early stage of the cancer is rather successfully cured. Therefore, many oncologists are combining cancer treatment with herbal and traditional techniques. This allows you to reduce the cost of cancer treatment and to minimize the negative effects on the body.

At 1-4 the stage of cancer is the possibility of using an alternative cancer treatment using herbal preparation FLARAXIN that causes necrosis of the tumor and metastasis, and restores the patient's immune defense. The cost of this treatment is many times lower than the chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Pensioners can afford this treatment.

Treatment of cancer diseases: 

Scientific and Treatment Center for Cancer Curing "Phoenix" offers its services to all cancer patients. You can get online consultation from our experts.

"Publications" section contains a variety of useful articles and reports on experimental and scientific studies on the treatment of cancer, the effectiveness of the use of phyto-medicines from STCCC "Phoenix", as well as other important information about cancer. Our center recommends the medicine for cancer treatment of own production FLARAXIN, as well as many other herbal remedies, which are used to treat cancer patients.

STCCC "Phoenix", primarily specializing in the production of herbal remedies for the cancer treatment, but also we can offer products that are used in the following areas of medicine: immunology, virology, gynecology, proctology, urology, gastroenterology, cardiology, surgery, neurology and rheumatology.

License АГ№601212 from 24.03.2011 given by Ukrainian Ministry of Health.