Blog: Why Did Jesus Have Mercy On Those Dwelling In Sodom?

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  • "There is nothing that
    enters a man from outside which can
    defile him; but the things which come
    out of him, those are the things that
    defile a man."

    "If anyone has an ear to hear,
    let him hear!" 

    Mark 7:15 (NKJV)

    Would you like to have an example of the Lord's compassion? I'll give you one. I've heard most preachers say that Lot's wife was cursed because she disobeyed the Lord when turning around to see the destruction of Sodom. But I honestly tell people who ask me that becoming a "pillar of salt," as Lot's wife did, was a great display of a person giving up her life for others in the eyes of Yeshua, our Lord. Pagan worshipers loves those kind of followers, so be careful of them who delights in sacrifices.

     "Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, 

    as you go out of that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet. 

    "Truly I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom 

    and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city."

    Matthew 10:14-15

    Lot's wife obviously loved them as she loved herself, and it's why Jesus indicated in His gospel how compassionate and merciful the Most High would be in the judgment to the spirits that dwelt within Sodom, where also our "Lord" was crucified (Revelation 11:8). Read it for yourself. They didn't know.

    "That you may be sons of your 
    Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise
    on the evil and on the good, and send rain on the
    just and on the unjust."

    Matthew 5:45

    Lot's wife became a Savior that day via that form of crucifixion chosen by Yeshua, and was born, again, in the Book Of Matthew, with the blessings of our Lord. I believe the Book Of Revelation 11:8 supports my observation on that matter.

    You will also learn in Revelation 11:8 that our Lord was crucified in Egypt, as well. That was the first time, in another age when pure bloodline racism ruled. I'm just keeping it real with my black folks. Some don't enjoy hearing about that hidden story on us, but it's true. The black Hebrews story of Creation tells us so. Checkout Ashwa Kwaisi's "Spiritual Enslavement CD" for a more authoritative perspective.
    No other answer concerning the matter of Lot's wife will make any sense now that you know the truth. Are you a good story teller? Please, don't practice lying on, or cursing the Jews, or the followers of Jesus. Biblically ignorant preachers with genocide agendas really need to be careful of it. And those in the church who love Paul's teachings more, and reject Jesus' teachings, are being watched by His watchmen. The haters in the church know Jesus is a righteous God, who is just, and compassionate to the evil, strangers, as well as aliens. Satan, who loves his own, really hates that.

    Satan is also a spirit of envy dwelling in religious men who love to turn our blessings into curses because of their fears, and dislikes. They are making Jesus' yolk much harder to burden for our young people (who are all poor in spirit) with not the ability to even pretend to act like "wise old folks." 

    It is impossible, and an absolute shame that we, in America, condemn our 18 to 21 year old kids for life because of a felon, or two, they commit with most being nonviolent. The prophetic words of Utopians, which my God isn't, are the most dangerous ones on earth.

    I'll be one of the first to say that I'm a very long ways from being perfect, and my three stays incarcerated can attest to that, but I refuse to allow preachers who believe they are holier than Jesus to take our right of consumption given to us by Him, and can't be taken away by no man or woman of any church.

    Unlike the ones who claim to have a perfect temple, with ungodly thoughts, as well as all the poisons they take in prescribed medications, and all, I don't practice lying, spying on, plotting on, or presuming things about people I don't really know, because, I understand those to be characteristics of Satan; a satanic spirit that can dwell within us all. 
    I also want to say how disappointed I was in being railroaded into incarceration on the last two occasions, by men targeting me because I executed my rights under our Constitutional Amendment, but I'm not angry because, God blessed me each time after my release. 

    And though I've been incarcerated three times, now, I've never had an interest in having a sexual relationship with a man. I'm simply a bachelor who has been out the sweetheart game for a long while, because of the road to redemption that I've been on since 1987, but I still love the casual comfort of an intelligent woman who can read with comprehension, and is considerate of others culture, and ways. I also enjoy showing my small number of readers how the truth in the Holy Spirit works through me.
    "But love your enemies,
    do good, and lend, hoping for
    nothing in return; and your reward
    will be great, and you will be sons of
    the Most High. For He is kind
    to the unthankful, and evil."

    Mark 6:35

    Wouldn't you say that is a very interesting statement by Jesus? I've learned in my study of scripture, that, the Son of God, a Spirit, offers us many powerful lessons in our Bible via the good, and what appears to be very bad events that occurred in some character's lives that many preachers, I know, now, are confused about.

    And another thing I've learned about the Son of God, is, He doesn't waste words. Yeshua, our faithful Brother, and I say that because I also do the will of our Father in heaven, as well, understands how important they are in the building of your spirit to believe on His words, and no words of any man not anointed by His hidden truths. The cowards  won't speak the truth, anyway. "You will know him by his fruits," says the Lord. The Lord's Truth. The Lord's Truth. The Lord's Truth. That's the Holy Spirit at work.

    "He who overcomes, I will make him

    a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall
    go out no more. I will write on him the new
    name of My God and the name of the city
    of My God, the New Jerusalem, which
    comes down out of heaven from
    My God. And I will write on
    My new name."

    Revelation 3:12

      "I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God," and he shall go out no more," says our Jesus. Is he, in the above scripture, the one, Jesus' chosen King of Israel, who now, it seems, all preachers are still trying to curse his image as their Anti-Christ, when Jesus says, Himself, through John Patmos, He will make a "pillar" of him in the temple of His Father? This blog proves that the leaders in the church is up to trying to curse the King of Israel, a man, Redeemed by Jesus' Holy Spirit.

    "For I say to you, that unless
    your righteousness exceeds the righteousness
    of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by
    no means enter the kingdom of heaven."


    Matthew 5:20

     R u a Pharisees? I've learned that it is very important to Jesus that those who are called teachers know the Lord by His memorable name, or by no means will they enter the kingdom of heaven - in the New Jerusalem - is really what Yeshua is talking about in Matthew 5:20.

    Yeshua came to fulfill the prophecy pertaining to His coming with His two very powerful commandments, His covenant, and appointments that I'd like to see more preachers elaborate on.

    We all need the easier yolk of Jesus, especially, those who believe they are somehow more righteous and blessed than others because they pray often as the righteous believe they should, and don't smoke, or drink. But the LORD our God, like one's earthly father, loves His bad kids, as much as He does His good ones. The Spirit of my Lord God is just, and fair.

    "Blessed are
    those who are persecuted for
    righteousness sake,
    For theirs is the kingdom of

    Matthew 5:10

    Appreciated Men Of God Whose Counsel I Have Enjoyed 

    Though all cultures harbor racist haters within them, the children of Israel are a people, whom, I believe, will not lie in these latter days that glorifies their God in the words  spoken by the righteous prophets. Have you noted Israel's acts of kindness with the release of so many political prisoners for only one Israeli? That's a lot of compassion shown for only one of their own.

    Have you noted all the other privileges Israel have allowed current prisoners of war? I have, and no one seems to appreciate them for the consideration given, like the consideration given me by Corbin, a Jewish man, an accountant doing time, at the time, and my first roommate at Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution who gave me a "bow tie" to wear before his release that I was allowed to wear though it was contraband.
    Personally, I haven't met a Jewish, or an Italian brother I didn't enjoy talking to about current affairs, and some things I didn't know. But it seems my other European brothers have to get intoxicated to loosen up a little.

    However, I must admit, that I've had some pretty constructive, and illuminating conversations with a couple of Scottish, German, and Irish brothers, Catholics, and Protestants, alike. I've even met a couple of Jewish, and a Muslim prophet, men, who prophesied to me good things happening in my life, while at me lowest point, that I found hard to believe, but acted on their belief in whom I might be?

    I also enjoyed, as one of my chess, and billiards buddies in Wichita Falls Texas State Mental Institution, a young tall Jewish kid, whom everyone knew as  "Levi ," who played basketball, and was the starting Center for one of the high schools he played for in Wichita Falls.

     The LORD also sent me another angel whom I only know by the name of Larry, a Hasidic Jew. I met Larry at Dallas' main library, downtown, when I was homeless in 2003. He was moved to confirm my belief over a McDonald's breakfast he had invited me to, where he opened his Torah to explain how God had me on a mission.

    I now believe I was formed from birth, by Jesus, also known as a great Muslim prophet who spoke righteous words of a God Spirit with many names. The true Jewish believers will honor the promise our Lord made to Hagar. Sow the good seed.
    "But when the Helper comes,
    whom I shall send to you from the Father, the
    Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father,
    He will testify of Me."

    "And you also will bear witness, because you
    have been with Me from the beginning."


    John 15:26-27
    Are a witness to this? Before Larry, I met a man, in 1988, on Tourist Visa from Israel by the name of Shmuel Hezi, a.k.a., Sunny Hays, another prophet (but like a brother) who was around me every day until he went back to Israel.

    His wife, Rona, was expecting a child that Samuel asked me to be godfather to. Sunny was the lead singer of a band that had the #3 song in all of Israel, in 1983, entitled, "Ruby! Give Me One More Chance." He doesn't feel safe in Israel, anymore, because of whom he believed I'm descendant from, and he spoke to many Jews about, so he resides in the Netherlands. To hate Samuel, whom some Jews view as a traitor, is to hate me. That I know.
    Some people hate me, not only because I'm black, and knows Jesus, but because I'm honest about the first man I consider a prophet in my life, a Muslim I met in federal prison, in 1987, Imam Rashid, a.k.a., Lawrence Wilson, native to Liberia, who was educated in the United States while residing in Philadelphia, PA.
    Lawrence, who was an investment analyst in New York, was a great help to me in his counseling me about my parole violation I was back in for. Rashid, in the midst of my speaking ill of myself, while amazed at his brilliance, told me that I had a very unique way of viewing the world.

    And something, the holy Spirit, I now believe, instructed him say to me, "Stanley. You are the one person who will inform the American people of a program I believe is one of our country's best kept secrets." Those are his exact words.
    Rashid shared information with me about the, then, Federal Crime Insurance Program, that I now share in my nationwide permanent jobs creation strategy, entitled, Project Safer America, a landlords consolidation plan to create a market that offers the "State of the Art" in traceable home furnishings, consumer electronics, and appliances, to be leased in an effort to create permanent jobs in every community in the United States.
    Project Safer America, also, manufacture all items on the principle of restoration, and recycling its raw materials. I prayed for it, and received that gift from God to us. Bing, Google, or Yahoo Search "Project Safer America" to read it.

    I was railroaded back into Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution by an envious black man, like many, who conspired with Halfway House Staff for Volunteers Of America to "Red Ink Report" my file, there, and fill it with lies, that if, investigators could ever find, and free the Volunteers Of America's staff members of any charges, who monitored us overnight, in 1987, I'm certain they will confirm what I am reporting about my, then, parole officer, John Mallard.

    He forced me (with threats of incarceration) to enter the AA Program when I have never, and no one has ever known me to be a person who spends most of my money on drugs and/or drinking. Investigators can ask my closest family members about that, as well, but they won't. I've done it all, but only enjoyed cannabis.

    May God continue to bless a just man in Pastor Pat Robertson. 

    "And it shall be in that day that
    every prophet will be ashamed of
    his vision when he prophesies;
    they will not wear a robe of
    coarse hair to deceive."

    Zechariah 13:4

    I Have Also Enjoyed The Company Of Good Catholics

    My second roommate when I was first incarcerated in Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution was an elderly man by the name of Stanley. I can't recall Stanley's surname, but I do remember he doing time as a member of a counterfeiting ring in Texas that was reported as being the largest operation of its kind in the state's history.

    Stanley was well financed, and had an attractive wife, around his age, who wore beautiful expensive jewelry when visiting him every weekend. He was a real man, with no envy for the young, who use to invite me to play poker with him, and the other older gentlemen, with he having my back.

    And then, there's the great Palosoto! Now, he would smile in appreciation of my introducing him to you in that manner, because, this Italian brother, I had a ball with, every day, playing table tennis, otherwise known as, "ping pong," during my first incarceration at Seagoville.

    Palosoto, and I, drew large crouds, and bets, playing ping pong. I'd try to smash almost every ball I could get my rubber paddle on, many times, going after his serves with my back, and forward hand. Then, in 1982-84, I could return smashes with smashes 15 feet away from the table.

    Every night, until it was time for us to turn it in, and shower before bed, we would leave the room soak and wet from head to toe. Investigative reporters should find him, and ask him about it, but they won't. I also receive a "Most Congeniality Award" from my fellow inmates.

    And finally, there was another Italian brother I met, and would se on the library computers quite often, in downtown, Dallas, who was homeless, as I was, and we spent a little time talking at the walk-in, a.k.a., our shelter at Austin Street Centre for the Homeless.

    I can't begin to think of his name, at the present, but he was very honest about his belief that many Italians viewed Jesus as a black man, and he would holla-it-out to me, "Jesus was a black man!," sometimes, from a distance (in speaking) as we crossed each other's path on the streets. Color really isn't an issue with me. Believing on Jesus' words is where the knowledge is. Worship the Word of God.

    And I would be sorely remissed if I didn't mention my buddy in Cedar Hill, Texas, Russell Johnson, whose father-in-law, an old school Irish fellow from Cleveland, Ohio, would visit his son-in-law to throw down some beers with Russell, and I, like it ain't nobody's business but his.

    I apologize for not being able to remember his name, as well, but his grand daughter's name is Desiree', and I believe her mother, whom Russell, a black man, was married to, name, was Pat, or Patricia, who was a manager at a few McDonald's stores in Duncanville, Texas, at the time.

    This was around 1995, and Pat's father, he informed me, was pretty well known in his local Teamster's Union. We had a lot of laughs from he being filled with stories to share with us. He was a good story teller, but Russell, and his father-in-law could really throw down some beers.