Blog: What God Gives He Doesn't Take Away

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"You will not see a fierce people,
A people of obscure speech, beyond perception.
Of a stammering tongue that you cannot understand." 

Isaiah 33:19

According to Zechariah 13:4, the above scripture is about black Jews with coarse hair. Before $232.00 was taken out of my, now, $475.00 SSI monthly payment, a typical work day for me, was, waking up around 12:30 PM to prepare for working on my Cafepress store's home, and product pages. I closed shop at Cafepress, in 2013, and now offer my products here at Google Sites

I usually start my day by checking my store's "search engine links" that actually show my visitors proof of what the founders, and research department of the major search engines think about my online business @ Fine Art America

Knowing it would be benefit both search engines, their sponsors, and my online store, I implemented an internet marketing strategy (at my store) that places a very high value in "informing all shoppers" on the relevance of my products, name, content, and contributions. My store is indexed in search engines "Top 3" on over 20 keyword phrases.

The Creator of all things seen, and unseen -- that in us -- must check the links on, and sometimes, edit my LinkedIn, Google Plus, FriendFeed, BlackPlanet, Coollectors, and other pages. What's the point in all of this?

The Lord retaught me everything I know, not excluding, how to write, and made me a business man, first, in His redemption of me. My road to redemption started in 1987, after praying, in Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution, for compassion, vision, and wisdom. 

I came out a believer in God's Spirit, and the work the Holy spirit would give me to do in my life. But I didn't really know the Lord, until July 7, 2007, when He called me to listen, and speak. My companions?

The anointed leaders in the church, and their friends on the dark side, who patronize the Holy Spirit, are working diligently to frighten me into something I'm not understanding because, no one openly speak about what's really on their hearts, and mind. They play clever.

Pastor Tony Evens, and other popular ones, are very dangerous people to me. Wolves in sheep clothes. They have no respect for my honesty, or the world's black kings. I've heard but one teacher repent, whom, I believe, will courageously share the Truth hidden in Jesus' parables.

And still, I do believe there's a little good in all men. That's all the Good Word need.

Jesus says, "For I say to you, that unless
your righteousness exceeds the righteousness
of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by
no means enter the kingdom of heaven." 

Matthew 5:20

 R u a teacher? I've learned that it is very important to Jesus that those who are called teachers know the Lord by His memorable name, or by no means will they enter the kingdom of heaven - in the New Jerusalem - is really what Yeshua is talking about in Matthew 5:20. 

Jesus came to fulfill the prophecy pertaining to His coming with two very powerful commandments, His covenant, and appointments that I'd like to hear more preachers elaborate on. 

We all need the much easier yolk of Jesus, especially, those who believe they are somehow more righteous and blessed than others because they work it while studying so long. Jesus' Holy Spirit does not slave drive you. The LORD our God, like one's earthly father, loves His bad kids, as much as He does His good ones. 

The Spirit of my Lord God is righteous, and forgiving. I am, as well, after, I hear confessions. Remember the Sign of Jonah? I do. A repeat? Yes. An evil.

The Spirit of my Lord God is righteous, and forgiving. I am, as well. I can only speak for me on that.