Google Targets Black Poet Business Owner For Plunder

Indexing at #1 for 18 straight years, in major search engines, on the keywords, best nationwide permanent jobs creating plans, Google, the pink devil, place paid advertisers above relevance. 

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( Ecclesiastes 10:19 ) A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry;
But money answers everything.

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Black Men Chosen For Death?

I will delete an untrustworthy site, quick, and they all know it, and ArtPal kept my products.

ForuDesigns, is an exciting platform for us developers, but it hide, and illegally sell my copyrighted products.

NewsOne, through BlackPlanet, is simply using the website for ad placements (sells) that's helping the bottom line on the corporate books.

Like Logo Softwearthey stalk us with tempting invitations to build our stores, and then, lock us out so they can claim all the profits earned.

ImageKind, owned by the same company that owns Cafepress, has also targeted my estate for plunder. Wealthy criminals are protected.

TeeSpringlike Logo Sportswear, has staked claim on products I designed, as well. 

Unlike Pinterest, Wordpress, another account I deleted, recently, got it right in their preserving my reputation as a web page developer.


  • It all started with Cafepress' "LIFETIME" proposal to me, in 2008, and soon after, Zazzle's founders from Stanford University. A Larry Page connection?

    Today, Duck Duck Go is alerting Dallas On Canvas and offering to place my poetry art canvas for its price on my keywords. The founders of Google are helping criminals steal from me.

    Dallas Texas Giclee On Canvas - Fine Art Printing - Art Scanning & Reproductions - Handmade Oil Paintings - Custom Wood & Metal Picture Framing - Block/Plaque Mountings, Large Format Dry Mounting & Lamination - Art Supplies: Stretcher Bars, Wood Panels and Artist Canvas - Collages On Canvas     
    All are a division of USA On Canvas 

    There is a conspiracy to not pay me by devil worshipers baiting me in, harassing me, and then, locking me out of my own stores. Companies stealing my name and  products are stealing my profits.

    Pixels was illegally selling my T-Shirts at its own "Base" price of $18.00, when, I had marked each of them up as much as $6.00. We're dealing with thieves.

    SSI Recipient Need Copyright Attorneys To Go After The Super Thieves!

    VISA Corporation marked my Debit Card ending with the numbers 666. My Veterans Healthcare Card begins with the number 13, and ends with the number 13. The first 3 of my Social Security Numbers, when added, equals 13, and, the last 4 numbers, when added, equals 13. 

    Incarcerated 3 times, but railroaded, twice, I've lived on $488.00 a month since president Obama took office, while working on projects God has called me to do.

    Because of my work ethic of mining my own business, I don't work with corrupted online partners, so companies like Pinterest are using my old DELETED ACCOUNTS to send web traffic to accounts within their network, and to sign-up subscribers. It is wrong, and will ultimately harm our reputation as web content developers.

    Google, and its Jewish and Gentile friends are standing in place of our names, and product titles on this very corrupt Internet.

    $$$ Companies Are Stealing Web Content Developers Web Traffic

    Marketing our web posts, forever, on old DELETED accounts that the physical human, or estate, no longer uses, is equal to the author's own words competing with each other, giving, the popularity of the larger corporations pirating our meta tags the advantage.

    I view it as a monopoly strategy supported by search engines, and major advertisers that our government has given free passes to control our copyrights.

    Prakash Janakiraman, co-founder of FanBase, and manager of my old FanBase account, along with the others, are all "web traffic thieves," getting paid (it appears to me) from Cafepress to hoard and steal our name, products, and meta tags

    People heading these kind of companies place a strong focus on stealing web traffic from those of us with a significant professional reputation, and can meet search algorithms standards for top 5 placement

    Federal law should allow our estates to be paid as a settlement for rich corporations ripping us off in this manner. 

    They're starting to take away our option to delete accounts, and thus, taking "First Publication Rights" to our property.

    Stanford University and Google support some platform owners who should be ordered by the courts to give us our portion (of their profits) for locking web content developers out, and using our meta data and products to profit them.

    Focusing on my MANY #1 KEYWORD PHRASES, not one of them are penalized by Google, Bing, or Yahoo!, for stealing meta tags to compete with us. They are implementing a system that's programmed to never send us a "Reset Password" link because we no longer work with Cafepress, or the other companies, above.

    These families are working together to rob Americans while we remain jealous of one another.

    We are also denied the right to open a new account with the haters. Where is the NAACP when we very talented web content developers need them? There's money to be made in truth, and righteousness. Words are not cheap. Words inspires action.

     My experience has shown me that some oppressed descendants of black Hebrew Israelites need attorneys funded by our United States government. Watching Google's partners in online apparel crimes rip me off for my meta tags and designs, as well as my copyrighted poetry prints, while they all monitor everything I do.

     This and proud SSI recipient want to invite you to click on my email link and forward another hidden page in American history to your friends, and family, because, I don't trust SpreadShirt company to pay up on my end, with its staff arrogantly threatened me via images at sign-in. 

    It's still about white power via free-enterprise to not buy from black owned businesses.

    it' s all Satanic.

    Because of my religious belief in Isaiah 44:6-8, in that, Jesus is the Redeemer of the King of Israel, and published it, I'm learning how some of Stanford secret society members, and others, are doing everything (by hook or crook) they can for the future of their children, thinking, their children will be proud.

    Why won't Fanbase send me a link to reset my password so I can LOGIN TO DELETE my old account with OLD OUTDATED INKS that are making me look pretty bad as a Web Content developer?  FanBase is working for Cafepress, and supplying that company with my prospects. I blame Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

    I thought that deleting my retail merchandising accounts meant, "delete all content, including, my name, and all copyrighted material, and pages associated with it. But Zazzle, and Cafepress are two companies that enjoy disadvantaged web content developers, using, hoarded copyrighted web content of small business owners, like myself, for instance, to compete with the current content I'm using in establishing my presence at my new online stores. 

    Why are companies like Zazzle and Cafepress HOARD MY META TAGS? Personally, I am despised by most European Americans who learn of me. Because of curses released on BLACK KINGS, PRIEST, and PROPHETS,  I am hated, and stalked by the heads of these two companies, in particular, for a real faith to share in print.

     With the search engines knowledge of everything going on, and having the capabilities to REDIRECT LINKS clicked on by shoppers seeking the item he or she just read a small description of, our NEW STORES should immediately replace all our deleted accounts that were in the #1 position of relevance on  our same KEYWORDS. Click on all the links I've provided you, below, to view for yourself how SEARCH ENGINES work with thieves to steal our web traffic. 
  • The heads of Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! are using our media to brainwash us all into accepting deceit, promote that, whatever we post, online.

  •  There is a conspiracy that works against the UNKNOWN TALENTS in the web content development industry who aren't able to prevent companies like Cafepress, eBay, Zazzle,  Zimbio, ArtPal, and LogoSoftwear.Com, from STEALING web traffic.

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