Blog: Was Our Savior Yeshua Married?

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It's because you do not understand the parables is why I view Jesus, aka, Yehoshua, and Yeshua, as Lord God, because, I understand, now, that He had the Spirit Of Truth in Him that scholars who read the Bible should know as the Lord of hosts, which made Yeshua like God when He walked the earth. 

Then, Yeshua was not speaking as the Lord of hosts. He was speaking as the Most High. The Most Accurate. The Lord of hosts is Spirit. Truth.

"Who is he who speaks and

 it comes to pass,

When the Lord has not

commanded it?

Is it not from the mouth

of the Most High

That woe and well-being



Lamentations 3:37-38


Honesty in the sharing of God's truth is paramount, and above all one does, or think they can do. This is my belief that has nothing to do with me trying to teach anyone. I can't save you. There's only One Teacher, says, Jesus, and He wasn't even talking about Himself, nor me, or you. 

Spirits rests in the words we speak, write, and leave for others to read. Jesus knew that, as does other authors who write their perspectives on life, and creation. Remember that when you listen to the demigods. God is Spirit.

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Jesus says, "If anyone comes to Me
and does not hate his father and mother, 
wife and children, brothers and sisters,
yes, and his own life, also, he cannot
be My disciple." 

Luke 14:26

Have you ever hated the way some of your family members were toward other races? Luke 14:26 is about the righteous ones rebuking their own (within the majority) for the civil and human rights of others. Then, as in our modern day Hatfields, and McCoy's, you showing your enemies some love can make enemies within your own family. 

Non-black Jews, and other Caucasians were hated by blacks and whites when they marched with black people for our civil rights because they hated their family members envious racist beliefs, and behavior.

The Book Of Luke 14:26 also suggests to us, that, Yeshua was not married, in He saying to men of ancient Israel wanting to be His disciples of truth within the ten tribes of Israel, that, they must hate, even, their wife who hated their black Jewish brothers and sisters within God's kingdom.

It's why Yeshua says, in Luke 12:53, that, He did not come for peace, but with a sword to divide a son against his father, and a father against his son, in truth, a daughter against her mother, and a mother against her daughter, in truth, as well as a black Jewish daughter-in-law against her Israeli mother-in-law. No mention of son-in-laws.

Organized religion have tried to hide it, but, Yeshua, our Lord, was at war with the ten tribes of Israel on behalf of the house of Benjamin, and Judah, now, treated as the least in the kingdom by men who have made themselves holier than Truth. Who can teach them? 

Blessed are we, the poor in spirit, who are willing to confess openly.

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Jesus says, "Blessed are
those who are persecuted for
righteousness sake,
For theirs is the kingdom of

Matthew 5:10


One can't be righteous, in the Lord, without being right in truth. As one of very few men being persecuted via recent sermons from popular tv preachers, I'm happy to report that I own no house, been overlooked, twice, for an apartment while being mentally ill, and, I have no car, or furniture. 

Worst than any mafia I've heard of, church leaders, as sorcerers do, use lies and deception to trick us into believing false doctrine that seek to murder while practicing a lie.

I believe Jesus love the poor in spirit, because, we accept who we are in not being all bad. After all, Yeshua says, "No one is good but God." Jesus also says, "Judge not, and you will not be judged." Judge us, unjustly, and be judged. I'm not a teacher, but Yahoo!, Bing and Google have long indexed my faith blogs in their Top 2 for "accurate understanding of end times." 

Jesus says, "And I say to you that many
will come from the east and west, and sit down
with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the
kingdom of heaven."

Matthew 8:11

 Speaking the Lord's truth can get one killed in this world ruled by Satan, as Jesus tells us in John 16:11, but I thank the LORD for the understanding He has graced me with, causing, many popular men and women who are called teachers to focus on Him. 

What is heaven like? Most of the popular ones teach about the kingdom of heaven being up there beyond the stars, somewhere, but according to Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 8:11, as well as Isaiah 44:5, many will come from the east and west of the New Jerusalem to sit and talk with other believers (in His words) who are named Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 

Jesus says, "He who has My commandments and keeps them,
it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My
Father, and I will love him, and manifest Myself in him." 

John 14:21

Men like John Patmos, author of the Book Of Revelation 22:16, took on Jesus' name, because they believed Jesus' Spirit of Truth was manifested in them via the Holy Spirit of Yeshua's words, and that explains the recent misunderstanding in our media regarding Jesus being married. Writing one's belief gives God, and the authors of His Truth, everlasting life in the Book of Life.
Those very popular men who are called teachers, but continue to deceive the flock in trying to discredit our Jewish people, and do not love our Father, has rejected the most relevant words and sayings of His Son, and Their chosen people in the redeemed Jewish leaders who hear and obey the Word of the LORD God of Israel.
And they who know, understand, that, it takes faith and courage to even speak His truth, because, no one can hide from Satan's spies accessing technology in the sky. They all know where I am, other truth seekers, and speakers, as well.
I don't play God (or church) in other peoples lives. I don't believe anyone died and made me dictator. However, I do believe the Holy Spirit in the Lord's words is the best Teacher of God's truth about His covenants, kingdom, and way of living.

I study my Bible with an open heart, and the Lord has rewarded this ignorant man with the understanding I have offered you. God ask in our Bible, "Who is like a king, and can interpret things?" It is God who says, "I am the Maker of everything seen, and unseen." Are you persecuting the Lord for things He made, gave form, and life to, that you don't like? That's a spirit of Satan.