Story Of A Dallas Family Seeing A UFO Travelling Among The Stars

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My uncle, in the middle, goat, had to show us.

Our backdoor blew open while my mother shared how she followed a Flying Saucer down Overton Rd. to Beckley, in Dallas, after work, and that being the reason she was late arriving home. True story.

UFO'S Actually Exist! We've Seen!!

Story Of Dallas Family Seeing A UFO Travelling Among The Stars

We were all helping my mother move from Autumn Leaves, in Singing Hills, over to the street named, Greenspan, off of Camp Wisdom, when my mother, in teasing her next to the youngest brother, Larry, asked him, "Goat. 'Where is the Big Dipper up there?,' pointing up in the night sky'". Goat, that's what family call him, looked and pointed in an area a little bit outside off the actual location of the Big Dipper, and said, "There it is!" We all, thinking, he was testing us, asked him, again, "Where exactly is it, Goat?"

So he pointed up, again, in the same area, and said, "Up there where that star is moving." We all started laughing in our response to that, saying, "Goat! Stars don't travel across the sky." But Larry was pretty serious about seeing his moving star. So serious, that he asked us all to look straight up his arm and follow his index finger. We did it, and by the grace of God, saw what appeared to be a moving star.

However, once we took our eyes off of the "star," we would lose sight of it, and had to follow someone's index finger, intensely, searching, to see it again. It was very difficult for the naked eye to spot, and it moved really slow, but was able to pass by others stars. In fact, as we all watched it travel, it appeared to be headed on a collision coarse with another star, until it stopped, moved to the right of it, and then, continued going straight ahead. I can give any investigative reporter my uncle, Fluke, or Larry's phone number to verify my every word.

It was weird, and had me so wired up, that I stopped a few cars coming down our street (Autumn Leaves) and tried to get people to step out to it for themselves. My conclusion is, that, that UFO had to have been awfully large (planet size) to travel among the stars without hardly being noticed.

I have two surviving uncles, Clayton "Fluke", and Larry "Goat" Waites, living in Dallas, who also saw it. Those of you who know them, simply, have to ask them to explain what we saw that night.

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Historic UFO Visit To Washington D.C.

I was born on July 19th, 1957, a special day (it seems) to rulers in religion, and  secret societies, so you know I was quite surprised to learn, that on July 19th, 1952, at 1:40 PM, Air Traffic Controllers in the Washington, D.C. area identified some UFO's on radar that were later recorded hovering near the White House in the shape of eleven flying saucers. 

It was historic, and very frightening to American viewers who witnessed it. Harry Truman was President, and was moved to openly confess the existence of UFO's to all Americans who didn't see it. There were many sightings of UFO's in 1952, called, in that era, "The year of the UFO's."

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 The next historic encounter one of our Presidents was suppose to have had, in signing a Treaty with Aliens, was on October 16th, 1957, the year I was born, and the year God came in the form of a frightening tornado, like a whirlwind, in Dallas, Texas, where I was raised. And on December 26th, 2015, 58 years, later, the Dallas metroplex was visited by tornadoes that took 8 lives. I have good reasons to believe there is a God. Experiences I cannot question, or answer.

I say I can't, because, in 1957, while just a baby crawling, one day, I crawled out of my grandmother's house, on Canada Dr. in Dallas, Texas, chasing my uncle Fluke who was headed to his father's car to go somewhere. Not knowing that I was crawling after him, he got in the car, cranked it up, and started backing back, until, he backed completely over me, as my mother watched, running and screaming trying to stop her brother. That's what he and mother always told me. I barely got a scratch. She had a doctor look me over. 

Though I've been hit by a car, twice, since, and have the leg scars to prove it, my mother used to call me a miracle baby for that reason. My uncle, Clayton "Fluke" Waites, is still alive to verify everything they told me.