Blog: Venture Capital Funding Inspiring The Minds Of Misfits

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Venture Capitalists Can Inspire The Mind Of Misfits

The concept of Venture Capital Funding inspired me to learn more about business, and how to write a business plan. I believe our wealthy black citizens should consider becoming Venture Capitalists for inspiring minds in need of Seed Capital. People, who are , ex-cons, ex-prostitutes, ex-drug dealers, ex-drug addicts, parolees, and young folks in their early twenties, so as to inspire them to think outside of themselves, outside of their box, and start looking at how the world really works. 

The one thing many of them have in common, is, they will work to make money, and that's what it takes to become a great entrepreneur. 

Speaking on what is deemed as a problem area, it is reported that African Americans demographics is 13 to 14 percent of our nation's population, and I presume, that, is, around half are children, which gives us a very small market of a little over 6 percent to offer our services and products in. 

Taking into account the popular brands competing with us in everything we are successful at marketing, then, that big spending market for black businesses to flourish in really isn’t that large. 

And our high dollar Negro athletes, entertainers, and business men, aren't the visionaries we regular blacks can brag about. Why? Few investors in us.

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    Black Venture Capitalists, especially, Christians, need to change their mentality, and not focus so much on the production of goods and services that pleases the black culture, but also think to create and manufacture products that has a more broad appeal while seeking to invest a few misfits, annually, and look to hire more young folks coming out of college with MBA's as managers of your companies. 

    Aspiring black entrepreneurs seeking to raise "Startup Capital," must learn how to create professional, but comprehensible business plan that will include their company's Table of Contents, which showcases their Executive Summary, and Section, Business Description, and its Section, Production, and its Section, Directors & Officers, and its Section, Proposed Financing, and its Section, Risk Factors, and its Section, Return on Investment, and its Section, Analyst of Operation & Projections, and its Section, and finally, a personal statement. 

    I still have a copy of the one prepared in 2002.

    In 2002, I developed my own business plan for a company I named, "Heed the Word Originals, that I changed to Poetry Renaissance, and later, The Best USA Gifts Shop & Collectibles, to now, Stanley Mathis Custom Apparel Gifts Shop," located online at:

    Stanley Mathis Poetry Art Collectibles

     Aspiring black entrepreneurs must learn to present their vision on paper in the form of a business plan if you hope to raise startup capital, or our wealthy black leaders who would become Venture Capitalists will continue looking elsewhere to park their profits. 

    It's just my opinion.

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