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    As web master of Stanley Mathis Shop, offering my own fine poetry art, online, I have built search engine friendly web pages at one of the most popular "design and sell your own apparel platforms" on the webBut my reputation as a noted professional, and this Google Sites builder, which is a VERY DIFFICULT PLATFORM to master, is why my web pages rank so high.


    Use my PayPal account to order this dedicated webmaster service, today! We gotcha back!

    SMEO Service

    My Website Package Offers You A.....

    1). Vision comparable to what you see here.

    2). Expertise in combining your short word phrases with images.

    3). 8 themes (or sayings) offering of 200 products in your apparel store.

    4). A search engine track record that can be confirmed by clients.

    5). Total capability (and vision) to do it all on my own.

    Purchase SMEO's Professional Webmaster Service For Small Businesses, and you will also get "31 FREE" days of "Text Link Advertising" on this website that Bing says offers the "second best shopping and text link advertising onlin".

    Email me, if you're selling your on products, your...

    1). product images. 

    2). name, and retail price of each product.

    3). page presentations for each product. 

    4). web address, login name, and password. 

    Preferred Image Size: 15000 pixels 

    Preferred Format: PNG 

    Only because they've made themselves the major players in this industry, I must suggest that you register for your FREE SpreadShirt, Cafepress, or Zazzle apparel shop, today, and then, come back to purchase my package before emailing me "Your User's Name, and Password," so I can get to work on creating your 8 themes (or sayings) offering of 300 products in your apparel store. 

    Just let me handle the colors, the kinds of t-shirt, sweatshirts, hoodies, and accessories you will be selling. This diverse website is my creation.

    Sign-up 4 Your Free Basic SpreadShirt Shop Here! 

    SMEO Service

    Email your "Your User's Name, and Password" to:


    This helpful "on call six days a  week" website editing service is for the naive website owner who hired a so-called professional website builder, or developer, to designed you a website that you could trust, and navigate easily through, but their focus was on charging the credit card for their mistakes made. 

    Purchase, now, and then, come back to email me your instructions of what it is you need me to do for you. I will need your password, and web address, as well. I start work at 12:00 PM, and check my emails often.