PRO-Keds Collectible Usa Vintage High Top Tennis Shoes From The Past

  • My press release, in 1995inspired the "Opening Day
  • beginning, in Atlanta, Georgia, on my birthday of July 19th.
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    Contact PRO-Keds, and plan to receive your "USA POETS" Collectible Vintage High Top Tennis Sneakers around August 19th, 2021. The new USA Poet Charmin now available.

    PRE RETAIL PRICE: $299.00! 

    Are you an American taxpayer citizen? Well then, because you used the above link to "email PRO-Keds," and request that the company establish an online page that will allow you, your friends, family, and other tax paying Americans, to pre-ordered my patriotic version, above. Keds, some years, ago, partnered with Zazzle had the technology to apply my poetry art to their tennis shoe products, as like, above.

     Purchasers will receive a (signed) Certificate Of Authenticity I created, myself, that can be donated to a qualified public charity (in the U.S.) for a full Fair Market Value income tax deduction with the IRS of  at least $350.00! Win! Win!! Win!!!