Prison Letter From My Friend Kenneth Ray Brown

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                                • "Stan the Man!"

                                  Good to hear from you my brother! I'm also happy to hear about the good things you got going on. I will have my people check you out on the web.

                                  As you know, I do music. I'm a songwriter, singer, rapper, and producer. Well, my sons have walked in my footsteps. Check'em out at New Music Video, titled, "War". Also on YouTube.

                                  My youngest son, Keon's artist name is "Infamy". His music group is named G.I.T.O. Check them out at MySpace. Plus, he's a producer of his own beats. He just shutdown one, but Keon is working on establishing another music beat company online. Praise God! We're on our way!!

                                  Let me have your honest review of their work. Also, keep in prayer my work of authorship. God is good I tell ya! I have (two) awesome books coming out! You saw one! Well, there's another, titled, "Silent Whispers". I won't release it until the first has marketed well. This book is anointed, and full of spiritual wholeness, and healing!  For all ages!! Movin on. 

                                  I am so glad to hear from you! God is going to open these doors for me to come home soon! He's faithful ya know! I'll keep in touch with you in the meantime. My daughter lives in Duncanville. I thought you were still in Cedar Hill. Keep your work going! 

                                  Tell Judy and the family I love them. I should've put my music on K104 back when you told me to. Well, it's on again! I'm composing a lot of songs these days. I ain't gonna stop this time! Checkout the music, and get back with me, okay.

                                  Much love,
                                  Kenneth Brown

                                  P.S. How's your ping pong game?

                    first poet to have autograph appraised

  • Unlike many other noted professionals afraid of damaging their reputation by association, I don't shun ex-cons like my friend, Kenneth Ray Brown, who I'm happy to hear has also completed two books while incarcerated this time. "No one's good but God," says our Jesus, but we can all try to be. Just claim it!

    Kenneth, and I, were inmates at Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution from 1982 to 1984, where, he experienced, and witnessed how much I loved playing "Table Tennis" by beating (and betting) everyone who thought they knew this fast paste game, including, African brothers claiming to have played in the Olympics for their nation. 

    My every day competitor was an Italian brother by the name of Palasoto. We would play for hours until we both were dripping wet with sweat. Trying to be a poet, and you should know it. That's why Kenneth asked about my ping pong game. 

    Some Dallas natives are aware of the unfortunate circumstances that placed Kenneth back in prison some years, ago, when he killed a man for jumping on his sister, and a couple of days, later, was caught in downtown Dallas, after, shooting at, and hitting the badge of the Dallas police officer chasing him during a robbery of a fashion store.

    Dallas District Attorney, Bill Hill, came out of retirement to prosecute him for the attention he expected to receive because of Kenneth, being, at the time, an Associate Pastor at Golden Gate Baptist Church in South Oak Cliff.

    I had picked Kenneth up, and tried to counsel him about the haters in his hood the week before it all happened, but he didn't allowed them to get the best of him. People who knows him, know that Kenneth is a very confident man who will be alright. He'll keep smiling.

    I believe his man son, Kenny Kapone, is offering America a very intelligently crafted piece of work that many wanna be "revolutionaries" should have a listen at. Kenny has been to war, and is entitled to his view as for as I'm concerned.

    Kenny's music video isn't a call for any sort of a revolution in America. However, when minorities see a lot of our young children and adults cursing all over the place, especially, in Hollywood movies, and the recording industry, one should conclude that we are very angry people with bones to pick.

    But where are our civil rights organizations? And do any of the good religious leaders care about that, or the inspired poor, like myself, being financially raped of our copyright estates? Us poor people need compassionate attorneys to help us "Pro Bono!" with expectations of a pay-off down the road. 

    In conclusion, Kenny Kapone is a Dallas rapper offering his perspective on the concept of greedy men revolutions, and is the oldest son of the now, Reverend, Kenneth Ray Brown, who asked me via his recent letter from prison, where he's currently doing time, to give his sons a listen, and evaluation. Always
    trying to help when I can.

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