Blog: Little Entrepreneurial David Verses Giant Business Goliaths

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    Samuel called me from Israel, one day, and said, "Stanley! I tell everyone about you! I told them that you saw good things, ideas, and plans!" He talked about King Solomon.

    The arrogance of white folks hating on God's revelations, and prophecies. 

    Google, definitely, and I believe, Bill Gates Skull & Bones, and the kings of the earth, are  trying to have me killed. 

    Religious and business zealots kidnap us who do not line up with false doctrines being taught concerning the two out-cast families in Benjamin, and Judah. 

    Are Jewish families taking from this man who believes, now, he is descendant from the black Hebrew Israelites, and Esau, perhaps? You bet they are.

    But I'm trying not to be tricked, again, by vain people of European descent bragging about how clever they are, and steal from us, because, we've been marked by their murdering kings of Europe whose father inherited lies from their fathers. 

    Steven SpielbergLarry PageSergey BrinWarren Buffet, and so many other members of secret societies -- hating on HUMAN BEINGS they seek to enslave -- know all about what's happening around me. 

    And I'm one of a few who believe the Jews belong. The entire truth is all that's missing.

    Is there an Oswald/Dallas connection on Mr. Murdoch's New Hit Series, "Gotham? Caucasian Jews, and their Italian, German, African, and Irish friends, plotting against us lowly black Hebrew Israelites, are like Hitler's Nazi to me. 

    Not even our so-called liberals are doing business with us. However, some of us, though we live on $480.00 a month, plus food stamps, are still a giver of money to the poor when we have it. Don't be like my partners who are stealing from me. Be honest, and caring

    Curses are the aspirations of some people hating black Hebrew Israelites.

    "And it shall be in that day that

    every prophet will be ashamed of

    his vision when he prophesies;

    they will not wear a robe of

    coarse hair to deceive."

    Zechariah 13:4


  • "I was watching in the night


    And behold, One like the Son

    of Man,

    Coming with the clouds

    of heaven!

    He came to Ancient of


    And they brought Him near

    before Him.

    Then to Him was given

    dominion and glory and a


    That all peoples, nations, and

    languages should serve Him.

    His dominion is an everlasting


    Which shall not pass away,

    And His kingdom the one

    which shall not be destroyed."


     Daniel 7:13-14


    Who is the Son of Man? 
    Are you One like the Son of Man? Understand what is being communicated. Jesus, a.k.a., Yeshua, who was marked as the Anti-Christ, is Ancient of Days. And don't think the Kraft family appreciate me sharing my beliefs with you. 

    I say that, because, during the New England and Indianapolis Sunday Night Football Game, on November 16th, 2014, I was instructed to get under WITNESS PROTECTION in Toyota's new racist car commercial with the young Jewish boy in it, named, Jacob. 

    The commercial uses a large dark skinned man in a black and red "Super Hero" outfit to label me as their devil, while, the old Caucasian man spoke to him like they talked down to our people white folks called niggers in the old days. If you taped the recent New England and Indianapolis game, please, go back and check the contract killing commercial out.

    European Jews, and their friends, are really threatening my life because they know I seldom read the Bible. Hated because I love the truth in Jesus, who is also known as Yehoshua, Yeshua, Jeshua, and Joshua, I'm really not interested in joining the wars of people in different religions viewing us as their slaves.

    "My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,' says the Lord.
    'For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways,
    And My thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:8-9

    "The way black people are treated in America, Stanley, is the same way we are treated in the State of Israel," Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi shared with me one day we were brainstorming, in 1988. Samuel had to leave Israel for fear of his life

    Today, I am hated by many wealthy people who call themselves Jews, and followers of Jesus, but lie, says Yeshua, and that's not Jewish. Jews must be fruitful, meaning, truthful, first, to multiply. I have my beliefs, and everyone have theirs.

    Looking back on my last incarceration release date of December 5th, 2005, I never would have believed it in a million years, that, rich, educated people could be so wicked in attacking a man who has only had one argument with his younger brother in all their lives. 

    They appear to be so nice, but pagans, and worshipers of sacrifices are subliminally attacking my spirit via Hollywood movies, and all sorts of insurance, truck, and car commercials, simply, because the Holy Spirit of Truth made a connection with a man who didn't really know Yeshua, and how honest He was. Yeshua, the Redeemer of the King, is hated by all of them for His honesty.

     Who am I, and why do the Atheists covet what the good Spirit of Yahweh has done through me? It's about what they can market, and the money that can be made. 

    My authentic autograph, in 2002, appraised at $350.00 on two of my poetry art prints, but why, when so many ignorant black folks think I'm crazy, and Caucasians (including liberals) buy nothing? Do you really want to know "What I think" about all the symbolism, but no purchasing of what I sale?

    Not even our so-called liberals are buy from from us. However, some of us, though we live on $470.00 a month, plus food stamps, are still a giver of money when we have it. Don't be like my partners who are stealing from me. Be honest, and caring