Blog: Yeshua (Jesus) And JFK Were Also Marked As Anti-Christ (666)

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                                                                                                                                                                                      • Sam would watch me brainstorm, put my ideas to paper, every day, and he would say, "We're going to F**k the mother of them all,"  watching me work. Sam prophesied my becoming a great poet, one day, though, I'd never written a poem.

    I will voluntarily, for nonbelievers, take a "Lie Detector Test" to prove that in 2007, from July 7th, until, around October 8th, the Holy Spirit did a lot of speaking and writing through, metaphorically, speaking, a virgin heart.

    I learned from Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi, in 1988, while he and I were friends, in Dallas, Texas, when Sam was on Tourist Visa, in America, that some of us so-called African Americans are descendants of people out of the Bible such as, King Solomon. A lie? 

                                                              • I've been incarcerated 3 times, now, and in 1983, while at Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution, I received a "Most Congeniality Award" from among the inmates in the building where I resided. 

                                                                I was known as "Chili Red," because I use to go off with a little (what some young men call) pimp knowledge on a few arrogant inmates with gift of gab. Being light complexion with a cool walk, and weighing 170 pounds, I played a lot of games well enough to wager bets, including some poker games.

                                                                 I've been railroaded into a mental institution, in 2004, and lived on SSI since 2006, but when I got it, people who know my heart come and get it because they know they can. I was not there for my two sons who grew up without me, but they, too, are forgiving. I didn't grow up in the church, and seldom have I read the Bible. 

  • The Arrogance Of Some People


    • Why do I say Jesus was marked as Anti-Christ? Well, they say that Jesus' ministry lasted about 42 months, which points to the number 6, when adding the numbers 4, and 2. And Jesus dying at age 33, again, points to the number 6, when adding the numbers 3 plus 3. 

      Jesus' true name is pronounced, Yeshua, which points to the number 6 one last time, giving us the 666. Racism has cursed our good names.

    • You know who we are?

    • JFK Marked Anti-Christ By Evil 

      Arriving in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and shot at 12:30 PM from the 6th floor of the Dealey Plaza, they also marked J.F.K., as well, with 666

      How do I know? His arrival on November, the 11th month, plus, 22 days, when adding the numbers, equals 33. 

      Now, add 3 + 3 to get the first number 6. Lee Harvey Oswald shot from the 6th floor, and that's the second 6

      Our president was shot at 12:30, meaning, we add 1+2+3+0 to get the third 6 of the 666. Truth is God. Words build all things. 

      The Spirit of Truth is God. 

    • Hyman Childs, owner of K104 Radio Station, whom I penned a poem for, would recognize my voice over the phone, if I called, today. Good listener.

      Another Larry, Hesidic Jew, who, after first meeting me in the library, where I worked, in Dallas, building some web stores, while homeless, in 2003, invited me to breakfast. Speaking from his Torah -- while I ate -- Larry shared how his God had me on a mission. Now, Jews are meddling.

      • Ex-Biochemist, Dr. Loel Drey, was moved to introduce me to Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi, a true brother of mine (from Rehovot, Israel) whom I couldn't throw away, in 1988, because of his admiration for me, who had, about 7 months prior, been released from federal incarceration.

      Levine "Levi" Shroll, was my favorite caretaker at Wichita Falls Texas State Mental Institution, in 2004. He risked his job, many times, for me, to get the snacks I craved many nights after dinner. 

      Larry Holtzman, who is also Jewish, was my computer graphics poster designer who took me in off the streets, while homeless, in 2003. 

    • "And they proposed two to Joseph called Bersabas who was surnamed 
      Justus, and Mathias, and they prayed, and said, 

    • "You O Lord, 
      Who know the hearts of all, show which of these two You have chosen".

      Acts 1:23-24 

    • While using my name, and experiences, some very wealthy pink men are sending me some very threatening subliminal messages by a few movies out of Hollywood, prophesying my death (and Spirit resurrection) in ....

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                                                                • After burying my mother, in 2001. I became homeless, until, racism railroaded back into incarceration, in February 2004. And on December 5th, 2005, I'm released, early, one day after my father's death. Strange.


                                                                  • Please, excuse all the profanity, but John Travolta is, Stanley, in the movie, "I AM WRATH". I was born in Vivian, LA. His wife, in this movie, is named Vivian. They kill her, as a death threat to me. 

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