Blog: Is Jesus' Spirit Of Truth In Joshua?

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"Then speak to him, saying,

Thus says the LORD of hosts, saying:
"Behold, the Man whose name
is the BRANCH!

From His place He shall
branch out,
And He shall build the temple
of the LORD;

Yes, He shall build the temple
of the LORD.
He shall bear the glory,
And shall sit and rule on His
So He shall be a priest on His
And the counsel of peace
shall be between them

Zechariah 6:11-13

"So He shall be a priest on His throne, and the counsel of peace shall be between them both," says the LORD of hosts. We learn, also, when we read Psalm 110:4-5, that, my Lord Jesus is at the right hand of Joshua, writing, so he may be a priest, forever.

The title, priest, in both Psalm 110:4, and Zechariah 6:13, are spelled in small letters. Because the Father, and Son are One, in Truth, Jesus is God, forever. Believe on my words, and the church kings will persecute you. I am honored to be a vessel of truth and understanding for our Lord.

Then he showed me Joshua the high priest

Standing before the Angel of the LORD, and

Satan standing at his right hand to oppose him.


And the LORD said to Satan;


“The LORD rebuke you Satan!

The LORD who has chosen

Jerusalem rebuke you!


Is this not a brand plucked

from the fire?”


Zechariah 3:1-2



Do they not remember reading about the King of Israel, and his Redeemer in the Book Of Isaiah 44:6-8?


Joshua, above, is the latter day "Priestly King" Redeemed by Jesus, who is the Angel of the LORD, the Lord GOD, the Lord God, the Lord of hosts, the Lord GOD of hosts, All Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father, the Son of Man, as well as the Holy One of Israel, and not, as most preachers believe, the Christ, or the King spoken of in the Book Of Revelation 11:15. Joshua is One like the Son of Man. He is contrite. (Isaiah 66:2-4 NKJ)


Many of our church leaders, in their conspiracy against Jesus' high priest, boast about having two more anointed kings murdered before their mission for Satan is completed. To be given power by the Lord to destroy others doesn't mean one has to use it for ill purposes. Do you think they understand that? They were tempted by our Father because they wanted to inherit lies. And since there are so many people claiming to have the anointing of the Holy Spirit of truth, after what I've been through, doing this kind of stuff, I figured, why can't I?


But in my case, the Spirit of God advised me to do as a scribe would do, today, publish His words on the internet to better secure my "First Publication Rights," and also allow my name as a highly noted professional be challenged. I put my faith in the truth the Holy Spirit has given me because I believe in my ability to comprehend what I read. So please, show me where I'm wrong about my Savior, whose words I stand behind, and not those of the Anti-Christs trying to curse the redeemed King of Israel.