Blog: It's All About My Walk With Yeshua In My Faith

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What is "The Walking Dead" all about? The image is always appearing on pages I visit while working on my projects, usually, via Ad Choice, NetFlix, and Yield Manager. We black folks, being a mocked people, don't expect investigations of these matters in a racist America. But all the same... we let everyone know.

I believe Jesus, also known as, Yeshua, was Jewish. I believe the Spirit of Truth was in Jesus as He spoke on scriptures. I believe Jesus uttered things that had been kept secret from the foundation of the world via his parables. I believe Jesus knew the scriptures like no one else before Him, or after. I believe Jesus is the Holy One of Israel prophesied about throughout the Old Testament. I believe the Son Spirit of the LORD God was in Jesus. 

Who is the Son Spirit throughout the Old Testament? The Spirit of the Sons of God throughout the Old Testament is our Lord GOD, best, understood when reading the New King James Bible. Didn't Jesus say we were sons of God?

I believe, because Jesus said it, Himself, that He was with our Father in the beginning, when He, as the Tree of Knowledge, taught Eve, and Adam, and thus, became the only GOD we've ever known. I believe Yeshua is in our midst, right now, as we worship the Spirit in His words. Jesus always stress how we should believe on His words. You won't understand His Jewish people, and why they wait on their Messiah, until you believe on His words, because, they do. They know the truth.

I don't need confirmation from no man, in, or out of religion, when I say, that, I know the Holy Spirit of God that speaks through men. I would rather die than to tell a lie on our Lord God, who is Jesus, a.k.a., as Yeshua. And I have proved it.

Our Lord GOD of the Old Testament's new name is, the Lord God. It's only spelled like that (Lord God) 10 times in the Book Of Revelation. You won't find it spelled that way in any other book in the entire New King James Bible.  That means something! And it is my belief, that, God designed it that way through the hands of men, good, and bad. 

And the Holy Spirit of God that speaks through this very ignorant man, right now, is real. I can't make biblical sense without Him. And I don't need an opened Bible to do so. I just speak on what the Lord has shared with me without trying to remember but what is important to Him, and that's the city of Jerusalem, and His people of a divided kingdom, whom, He says, "Will not lie!"

But no one is speaking on the concerns, and real will of God, and Jesus, but me, it appears. And I don't even get an "Amen" from all the good people of God for telling the truth the way I received from the Holy Spirit of Truth, who is Jesus. And that makes me suspect of the good things that's going on around me. Puppet masters in secret religious societies got another dumb nigger to crucify..... huh? 

Do what you do murderers. Or give us an apology for practicing a lie. Repent!

There is a presence on this earth that I have no doubt about. It's called the Holy Spirit. It enters a person's body, and have him, or her, working on writing God's Truth like it ain't nobody's business but the Lord. Some of us can't stop speaking, no matter how frightened we might be, when the Spirit has things to say regarding the Lord's words in the Old Testament, where His righteous prophets, and witnesses are. 

And until I receive an invite from other influential leaders of the world besides our President, and Mr. Soros, I will continue being the nobody everyone seems to think I am. Got me thinking I'm a nobody! Well, I am without God's Truth.

The Walking Dead Long Sleeve T-Shirt is only product I didn't design that you're viewing. Even after "opting out" over 10 times, it shows up in my Chrome, and its associate browsers, like FireFox, on AdChoice Ads at my YouTube, Zimbio, Black Planet, Facebook, inside my Yahoo! Email, and other pages. Rich, and powerful murderers who worry about nothing.

Click on the image to learn why I am so hated by Satan. Truth is hated. I'm proud to have been of service! And Zimmerman lied a bout Travon saying that he was going to die that night. Ask him to take a lie detector test. I will about the claims I make.