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"Doubtless You are our Father,

Though Abraham was
ignorant of us,
And Israel does not
acknowledge us."
"You, O LORD, are our Father;
Our Redeemer from
Everlasting is Your name."
Isaiah 63:16 

Many of us have read the scriptures, and don't won't to accept, or believe the most important ones to our LORD God of hosts, the Father in the Old Testament, one stick, and our Lord GOD of the Old Testament, the other stick. Two sticks. The same misguided teachers then demand that you believe every word they speak out of our Holy Bible. They speak more of Paul being the only One Teacher than Christ Jesus, a.k.a. Yeshua.
For 60 days I got to  know both, our Father, and my Savior, very well, and it wasn't by choice. Because I know I speak like a fool on my own, all I've presented via "Their Words" is proof that they spoke through me, a man who stand behind Their truth. I have a message for everyone who will read, and study as the scholars have studied. Don't expect me to speak God's words off the top of head. It ain't possible for me. 
But when He asked, "Who is like a King, and can interpret things?," I stood up, after being touched by the Holy Spirit in Jesus' words, and said, "I can!"  It's a very frightening thing to do, as a man standing behind Jesus' truth, that is the way to an honorable death, if that be the case?
Having my own opinions, growing up, many times, they would clash with other family members, including, my mother's six brothers, in the youngest, Jeffery "Squirt" Waites, the one next to me in the very old photo of us online at a few of the many pages I offer. And then there's,  Larry "Nanny Goat" Waites,  he's next to the youngest, Roger "Trigger" Waites, Claton "Fluke" Waites, as well as her brother from her father,  named, Johnny Justice, Alfred "Cold Steel," Waites, a former Army boxer during the Vietnam War.

Their's also their oldest brother, Johnny "Squanky" Mathis, the one I looked and took a  real cool walk, after. My family still measure me by material things, and  money in the pocket. But who cares about getting the uttermost respect from blood line relatives not caring much about keeping up with current affairs? 

However, I do have friends who did read me, like, Shmuel Hezi, from Israel, aka, Sunny Hays, lead vocalist for the 1982 band out of Amsterdam, Steel Forest, Kelvin Lamar Jenkins, brothers, Ezra, Titus, and Isaiah Jay, from Midland, Texas, John Granger, John Harley, a real-estate investor in Dallas who invested $5000.00 in me to get started on the Internet, Paul Freeney, an Associate Pastor, and Levi Shroll, a former high school basketball star Center of Jewish heritage, and the care taker who really looked out for me in Wichita Falls Texas State Mental Institution. 

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And there's the spoken word artist, Amon Rashidi, a friend, and an excellent community organizer, and mediator in gang conflicts. 
Albert "Mann" Davis, a young ex-banger whose family members gave him that nicknamed as a young child is like a son to me. Except for Kelvin's, my friends names rose from out of the Bible into my life. The names, and some numbers, like 13, 8, 6, 7, 12, 10, 18, and 19, the American has marked me with, are relevant to me, and just another reason for me to believe in our Father's Spirit of Truth. You think the Spirit of God, and King Jesus' prophecies aren't coming to pass? They've already won! 
And one of the most interesting thing in my offering interpretations to Jesus' parables, and sayings, is my German surname Mathis, meaning, a "Gift of God". The same surname, translated, into English, and you get Matthew, as in the Book Of Matthew, that inspired my study. 
 And then there's the Greek surname, Matthias, like the one in the Book Of Acts 1:23. And let us not forget Matisyahu, a Jewish pronunciation of the same name. 
As I mentioned earlier in offering my mother's father's name, my grandfather's surname was Justice, same as the Justus in the Book Of Acts 1:23, meaning, honest, and just person. Mathias was chosen (in the Book Of Acts) by the throwing of lots with their filling in the vacancy left by Judas of Iscariot to become the 12th disciple of our Christ Yeshua. 
A young brother who knows bad, and good, Mann, like a son, looks out for me in this hell we all live in, while, my other best friends has helped me, financially, and are spiritually supportive by not being so judgmental of me when I was living on the streets of Dallas, Texas, as well as in the homeless shelters from 2001-2004. 
I made a promise a while ago to give these men of God (for them to share with their appointed steward/s) 10% of all combined proceeds earned from sells of my working estate, and a vote, as appointed board members, in addition to giving a combined 20% generated profits (and a vote) to a non-black Jewish Federation of Churches, and the daughters of Zion. 
I will also give 20% generated profits (and a vote) to a white Federation of Churches. A venture capital fund will be established ( with 10% of it ) by our black Federation of Churches to invest in prospects who have been, and who are coming out of prisons. Inspire them to be creative innovative thinkers.
These human beings should not be denied, rejected, and condemned until death, as many of us are. This estate, if the King of Israel permit it, will establish ( with 10% of my estate of copyrights) another venture capital fund for all others with business plans, also. 
This working estate will, ultimately, be Executed by the King of the Jews, the King of Kings, and my children's children, who will also give 10% of their earnings to feed and help the poor and needy of all faiths.  Isn't salvation the Jews? Read Isaiah 44:6-8. His Redeemer is Jesus.
The church should have long established programs such as "Venture Capital Funds" that offer opportunities to all entrepreneurial spirited individuals to help them grow financially within their communities. It will only enhance the churches reputation in the eyes of believers. 
All who get funding will pledge 20% of their gross earnings to this cause within the church. We must invest monies into those who are last, so they may become first. 
"A feast is made for laughter,
and wine makes you merry;
but money answers everything." 
Ecclesiastes 10:19