Blog: How The Movie Eagle Eye Opened My Eyes

  • My press release, in 1995inspired the "Opening Day
  • beginning, in Atlanta, Georgia, on my birthday of July 19th.

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  • Stevie Is Working For Evil

    Introducing himself to me as my Uncle Sam, Sunny Hays, a.k.a., the late Shmuel Hezi, a very talented singer, songwriter and performer from Rehovot, Israel, in 1988, stated that African Americans were his people's closest relatives, in America.

    Shmuel "Sunny Hays" Hezi

    YouTube Video

    Letter To Congressman Martin Frost

    May 22, 1995

    Dear Congressman Frost,

     My name is Stanley Mathis, and I'm in need of your immediate help. 

    On Saturday, May 20, 1995, I called my friend, in Israel, by the name of Shmuel Hezi, and he informed me of his government 

    trying to have him committed to a mental institution, or have him killed because he expresses his sentiments throughout in songs about how his government is oppressing people who are considered black Israelites. 

    Sam talks about how the blacks are inspired to do something about their conditions in his country, and they've chosen him to lead a soon to be revolution between white, and black Israelites. Sam wanted no part in it.

    Shmuel sounded very frightened at the prospect of being killed, or committed to a mental institution, and would like to apply for Political Asylum because he's not free to express his sentiments about the treatment of his Edomite people. 


    He also informed me of the fact that his government is also planning to assassinate recording star, Stevie Wonder. I don't know how true it is, however, I feel that this is matter that need to be investigated; for it involves the possible life, or death, of two men who are very respected and loved by many citizens from each country.

    I Had To Write The Congressman

    Congressman Frost Response Letter

     June 22, 1995


    Dear Mr. Mathis,


    Thank you for contacting my district office requesting my assistance concerning your friend, Shuel Hezi, who reside in Israel.


    In your behalf, my staff assistance, Marsha Price, contacted the Department of State in Washington. She has been advised that your concerns have been noted and that the State Department will contact you directly if additional information is needed.


    While I regret the circumstances which prompted you to call on me, I appreciate having had this opportunity to be of service to you.




    Martin Frost

     Member of Congress

    Learn more, below, why big money Stevie Wonder is mocking the poor poet who was the first to do this. Stevie, and his Pagan friends, think it's funny? Be careful.

    The Ex-Con Isn't Totally Ignorant

    Removed? See it here!

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    "Your destination, is, the Mathis train station! We will guide you there!!" 

    Those words are actually stated over the phone, immediately, after Sam (the character)  received all of that free money out of the Electronic Bank Teller in the movie, "Eagle Eye." 

    And there's so much about the movie that reminds me of when I was set up (in 2003) by money being GIVEN to me in the form of a $1200.00 check written out to me by a very well dressed light complexion brother (Midwesterner). 

    Now I believed he was sent for the purpose to harm my status as a Who's Who in America, because, I've been incarcerated three times, and I became their candidate because of this I do online.

    Screen writers, producers, directors, business leaders, kings, and queens, it appears, are marking me as their Anti-Christ

    Unfortunately, but expected, I have inspired some very threatening movies out of Hollywood prophesying my death (and resurrection) in HancockBook Of Eli, The Adjustment Bureau, Transformers, and so many others because of my writings on scripture

    Hollywood writers, executives, as well as heads of Geico, Ram Truck, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Planters Peanut, Progressive Insurance, and many other ad agencies run by white Jewish men, I suspect, have long, and are continuing to threaten my life with death.

     Via world conquest in the name of religion, the Pope declared himself to be the owner of all of us, our Dallas Chief of Police, our Mayor, our Governor, and many other world leaders are aware of it. 

    I started 29 years, ago, allowing the Lord to teach me, a man incarcerated three times, these things. Nothing is given to me, and people are working diligently in denying me my legacy you see here. 

    Google is Hijacking my online businesses, a.k.a., copyrights, and making all us their servants. 
    Slave masters have no respect for God's Spirit in the words.

                                                                                                                                                      • There's been threatening subliminal Hollywood messages (and ad agencies) targeting me ever since.

      "Usa Poet" Slam  "Usa Poet" Stepper  "Usa Poet" Ballin  

      "Usa Poet" Notable  "Usa Poet" Elegant  "Usa Poet" Pro  "Usa Poet" Classy  

      "Usa Poet" Classic  

    Is Flo a witch? Remember her commercial of the woman burning at the stake by a Queen Elizabeth look alike? This commercial (using red and black demonic symbolism) is also about human sacrificing of, this time, a black man. 

    Freemasons, associated with my grandfather, and our government marked me as Satan's son on the day of my birth on July 19, 1957, and sold me to the Catholic Church, and that being the reason my mother was transported to Louisiana from Texas on the day her water broke. 

    Flo, the star of the Progressive Insurance commercials, has long supported SUBLIMINAL death threats against my life for publishing my beliefs on Bible scriptures Progressive doesn't approve of. 

    For 60 straight days, starting on the early morning of  July 7th, 2007, I, a very ignorant man to scriptures, was taught by the Lord of hosts, a Spirit that dwells within one who is called, as many are, but coward, and run in silence. I've seldom had fights in my life, but I didn't coward from death threats.

    And I don't mind taking a Lie Detector's Test to prove I'm not a man who practice lying.