Blog: What Inspired My Getting To Know Jesus? (Yeshua)

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"You will not see a fierce people,

A people of obscure speech, beyond perception.

Of a stammering tongue that you cannot understand."


Isaiah 33:19


My Getting To Know Jesus

Stammering among black people was a very serious problem in our community going all the way back to the 40's. Even Hollywood movies reflected it. It might come as a surprise to my small number of readers to learn, that, I've been incarcerated three times, diagnosed as being mentally ill because I chose to be homeless, from 2001 until 2004, needing to be on high-speed computers at our downtown location library, and, I spoke about how God was working in my life at the time. 

Yes, I am a least in my own family, whom, a few Jewish men of God has informed that I might be descendant to King Solomon, but I don't know how to perform as a preacher, and can't talk that talk, or tell stories comparing your life to the characters lives in our Bible. However, I can share with you about how the Holy Spirit claimed me from July 7, 2007, until September 8, 2007, all day every day.


I can honestly say, that, the Holy Spirit guided me through a moment in my life, that will certainly never forget, to bring forth understanding of end time biblical prophecies I actually knew little about, though, I still smoke, and drink. I realize now, that, I was a heathen before my encounter with Jesus' Holy Spirit. And because of Yeshua's words, I can, without a doubt, say that I know His Face (and recognize Him) in every book of our Holy Bible.


Because of my discovery, in actually knowing Jesus, that many powerful religious leaders are currently trying to dictate, I absolutely had no fear of embarrassing myself as one of our nation's so-called top professionals in being a 2002 Marquis Who's Who in America when I published my observation on end times.


I put up the good name given to me as a blessing from God, and everything materialistic that God had created through me with my hands, in 2007, and challenged scholars, popular preachers, intellectuals, geniuses, as well as regular readers, to correct me by leaving their "COMMENTS" on the words and testimony I stand behind spoken to me by Jesus, particularly, in His parables.

Jesus says, "There is nothing that
enters a man from outside which can
defile him; but the things which come
out of him, those are the things that
defile a man."

"If anyone has an ear to hear,
let him hear!"

Mark 7:15


I opened my first "blog account" at MyFox4 News in Dallas, Texas, soon after my obsession with the Holy Spirit, and published 72 blogs in 3 days -- if my memory serves me well -- that any reporter with the capabilities can investigate. 

But I was harassed by hateful hackers, there, and had to close my account. After trying out other platforms on the web, I finally decided to relocate the truth and prophecies of Yeshua, here, where you can read all of my blogs while listening to the Spirit of Truth as I heard Him.


Now in the case of my faith blogs, and because covenants were broken, the Spirit of God advised me to do as a scribe would do, today, publish them on the Internet to better secure my "First Publication Rights." The Lord also wanted my name as a highly noted professional be challenged by  the scholars, and intellectuals. I put my faith in the truth the Holy Spirit gave me because He obviously believed in my ability to comprehend what I was reading.

Show me where I'm wrong about my Redeemer, whose words I stand behind, and not those of the Anti-Christs in the churches trying to curse the King of Israel, and his Redeemer in Yeshua, our Lord God. You didn't know?

Jesus says, “And the Father, Himself,

Who sent Me, has testified of Me. You have

Neither heard His voice at anytime,

Nor seen His form.

 John 5:37


The Son, being in the midst as the Tree of Knowledge in the garden of Eden, taught Adam, and Eve, but no one speaks on it. "Be fruitful, and multiply?" 

Being fruitful is about being honest. You might also be surprised to learn, that, Yahoo! and Bing indexes my jobs creating plan #1 when searching for "best permanent jobs creating plans," and, I was voted one of the "Best Poets" of the 20th century for my body of work, which, includes a patriotic poem, entitled, The U.S. of A. Flag, and  America's Team, the poem, that the Dallas Cowboys Football Franchise sold 148 framed copies of through the pro shops, in 1997. We all know that 1+4+8=13. Did Mr. Jones suspect something?