Blog: Innovative Ways Of Securing Internet Transactions

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  • Do you believe those who invented the Internet, and big corporations are seriously looking for innovative ways of securing Internet transactions? 

    And why is it that some of the best ideas we've ever seen, or heard about, are so simple, that, many of us believe we could have thought of them ourselves?

    Now that hackers are stealing government workers fingerprints to break into their smart phones, and other devises, computer manufacturers has started giving new ideas some serious thought.

    The original fingerprint technology concept for getting online, which I thought of years, before Apple, offers the best solution via our "fresh new fingerprint" on (what I refer to as) the Super Information Highway Drivers License Card, provided, by each city's Public Safety Department. 

    Were talking about our nation's national security, and financial stability.

    Computers of the future should be built for the inserting of (only) a "Fresh Fingerprint" Internet Driver's License Card. There should be no other costs, unless, your Internet Driver's License is lost, or the card is worn out. 

    And because your personal information will be embedded in the strip, confirming your "fresh" thumb print, no one else will be able to use it. 

    I first published this blog on Innovative Ways Of Securing Internet Transactions using "Fingerprint License Technology," years ago, at Zimbio.Com, to discourage thieves driving on the Super information Highway

    I realize that one of the most attractive features the invention of the Internet, was that, it would be built, not only to share information from afar, but, also, to enabling  E-Commerce for small businesses in countries all over the world.

    The concept created an enormous opportunity to offer goods and services of small businesses in other, smaller countries, more successfully, and with less overhead costs via SSL secured transactions. 

    However, many websites owned by large corporations and banks are constantly being hacked for their purchasers credit card numbers, and there went the new economy.

    The new economy of technology is ruining our world economy by leaving us unprotected from hackers, while the concept, itself, replaces human laborers with computers and robots that are not spending in our economy to help increase our national G.D.P. 

    So what can be done about a very serious "hacking" problem that's now discouraging many e-commerce prospects from shopping online? What can we do to better secure and improve the Super Information Highway? We need reverse innovation!

     I hope our citizens, computer manufactures, stores that sell computers, website platform owners, and our Government's Main Thumb Print Data Base will feel that way about the idea I believe can help in deterring most ex-felons (except the heartless and mentally ill) from even thinking about going on the Internet to steal.

    How Does It Work?

    Because computer hacking is a matter of national security, as well, my idea begins with an "Internet Drivers License," produced, and sold (via retailers) by our federal government (the American people) that anyone surfing the Internet will easily be able to purchase it at their local Public Safety Department.

    No system is perfect, but this one will cause many, especially, ex-cons, probationers, or anyone who has been to jail, and tagged, to think twice about using a computer to hack into other computer networks.

    What is special about this particular driver's license, is that, it will allow surfers to connect to the web (using any computer) by inserting their  "Fresh Print Super information Highway Driver's License" into America's new revolutionary computers will be designed to scan "Personal Back Strip Data," as well as the area on the card for your "FRESH THUMB PRINT" before logging the time, the computer's IP address, user's name. 

    Your "Fresh" thumb print, that all of your online accounts will be able to confirm, is the only thing that matters in the system's attempt to catch debit and credit card numbers thieves. 

    And just as platform owners place cookies in your browsers to track you, the Internet will be revamped to allow website platform owners technology to (automatically) forward all thumb prints visiting them to our government's main thumb print data base, that will include, the time, and date of visit accompanying the FRESH thumb print. 

    Thumb prints that are not listed with the local Department of Public Safety will not be able to get on the Internet.

    With law enforcement's co-operation in cities around the world, this kind of innovation in computer manufacturing will reap many benefits for every country, city, and local agencies involved. 

    I also believe it will increase economic growth and prosperity around the world, because, a penny saved is a penny earned. 

    The alternative solution would be Mark Zuckerberg's "Image Identification Software" manufactured into all our future computers with all monitors having his small imaging cameras built-in centered on top. 

    Mark Zuckerberg's imaging technology would enhance the thumb print approach with so many other ex-cons photos in the system who might be persons of interest in cases related me, or one of my family members? 

    Such solutions offer honest online shoppers, government agencies, hospitals, law firms, and manufacturers real online protection from corporate, and individual hackers. There are thousands of smart guys out there in cyber-space.