Blog: Gay Corps. Plot To Kill America's Team Poet Stanley Mathis?

Because Jesus told a black truth, gay, Jewish publishers (and their employees) cursed the contribution of black honest men regarding prophecy. Gay Google USE IMAGES to threaten my life. Vain liars. 

  • Women will be men and men 

  • "And it shall be in that day that
    every prophet will be ashamed of
    his vision when he prophesies;
    they will not wear a robe of
    coarse hair to deceive.
    Zechariah 13:4

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  • "Who told you, you were naked?", the God of this age asked, Adam. Satan is the ruler of the evil thriving on our IGNORANCE. Some honest Jews, in 1988, in Dallas, informed my family of we being descendants of King Solomon. They are not.

  • Mr. Murdoch, no doubt, had me shut down at MYFOX4NEWS, in 2007, for sharing my God experience. And because this Classic Google Site is highly ranked Google's founders are shutting all of us down.

  • And you can see, above, my VA Health Care Card ID, begin, and end with the number 13. An evil, racist system, paroled me out of federal prison on June 12th, 1984. 666? 

  • And finally, the first three numbers of my Social Security ID, added, equals the number 13. The last 4 digits of my Social Security ID, added, equals the number 13.
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  • After her mysterious death, I buried my mother, in 2001, and on December 5th, 2005, I'm released one day after my father's death. Gay Jews, and Catholics, murdered my mother, and father. No coincident. 

  • John Travolta is Stanley, in the above movie. I was born in Vivian, LA. John's wife, in the movie, is named Vivian. They kill her. Jews, the Pope, and gay, racist, wealthy Christian leaders have cursed our names.

  • "And they proposed two to Joseph called Bersabas who was surnamed 
    Justus, and Mathias, and they prayed, and said, 

  • "You O Lord, 
    Who know the hearts of all, show which of these two You have chosen".

    Acts 1:23-24 

  • The number 13 is associated with Freemasonry, and organized RACIST religions. Jerry, and the Catholics, who are very close to Jews, in business, has marked me for death, according to the hate they have for descendants of black Hebrew Israelites.

  • America's Team Framed Poetry Art Collectible

    The U.S. of A. Flag Framed Poetry Art Collectible

    My Sweet Wonder Framed Poetry Art Collectible


    It's the Fourteenth Census of the Unites States, taken in 1920, in the Justice Precinct. And my grandfather, a Freemason, name was Johnny Justice. 

    I want you to look for the number 77, where X marks the spot of my great, great grandfather, Cain Mathis, a retail merchant in 1920. A
    nd 77767, is his number on the other end of that line. Jewish accounts, I'm certain, 
    targeted our family's estate. 

    My great, great grandfather was 
    a retail merchant targeted for plunder after the 1920 U.S. Census of his household that resulted in our government learning of he owning over 600 acres of land, and two grocery stores. 

    As my grandfather's estate was, after the census, my estate of copyrights (here) are being hidden and targeted for plunder by the racist Jews, and Christians, dictating to us all in America. The Internet is a monopoly devised by the slave-master minded individuals. Sociopaths, are what they are.

     Billionaires, sucking the life out of the black talent pool for certain, and ruining our nation by creating black poverty. 

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    Are European Nations Targeting Descendants Of Black Hebrew Royalty For Humiliation?

    Malinda Gates, being from Dallas, has been no help to me, and I understand why. Windows 10 destroyed all of my Windows 7 spiritual documents in their converting the computer I use. 

    But why, immediately after their loss, was the word, "Dead," used by Dallas Sports Casters in discussing the Dallas Cowboys not making the 2015 playoffs? 

    So many corporate leaders, from the NFL, to Kraft, from Progressive Insurance, to Geico, from Ram Truck, to Nissan, from to Google, to Microsoft, threatening my life.

    YouTube Video

    Marked at birth on July 19th, 1957, I am being subliminally stalked, and threatened via an orchestrated effort throughout our mainstream media. Masons? The first three numbers on my Social Security Card, given to me by our government, when added, equals 13

    The last four numbers on my Social Security Card, when added, equals the number 13. 

    I was only given a first, and last name, that when adding the letters, the number 13 is rooted there. Jerry Jones only purchased (148=13) framed copies of my poem, America's Team, to sell throughout his pro shops, in 1997. 

    And to add insult to injury, I now receive my FOOD STAMPS on the 13th day of each month. 

    Purchasing 148, which equals 13 when adding the three numbers, is but a signal to those in the know  about where some Mathis families came from. And Jerry Jones was a major contributor to the Austin Street Centre, where I resided from 2001, until 2004. 

    Mr. Jones is a very superstitious man, whom I now believe is working with Jews, Italians, and the Irish, to kill me. 

    They're embracing the evil biblical curses most learned men use the Bible for to justify an obvious genuine hate toward us. I also offer a startup $70 billion dollar jobs plan, aside from all of this you see. 

    This is my job that I would be paid well for if it wasn't for racism holding me down for 28 years, in America.

    Living on SSI, now, after being falsely diagnosed
    by the State of Texas psychiatrists as Bi-Polar Schizophrenic,  in 2004, why would screenwriters, producers, directors, business leaders, kings, and queens, marked me as Anti-Christ? 

    Well, according to the European Bible's Book of Revelation 1:12-15, it's because the Messiah is black.

    In terms of subliminal messages, I find many of the NFL's commercials shown during the Dallas Cowboys games very threatening to me, and the leaders of New York worry not about any law enforcement authority cracking their subliminal codes. 

    My oldest son told his mother, that, he hate me because I'm poor, when, the real problem is, big business is organized to steal from us. And w
    ith Jeff Richter being the Assistant City Manager in Frisco, Texas, now, where Jerry Jones has relocated his Dallas Cowboys Headquarters, I am very disturbed. I knew I was setup

    I simply wanted a trial, and the psychologist had me stay two more months (on a 3 month evaluation) because wanted to prove I was setup on a hot check indictment. Prior to my being held hostage, in the beginning, because I suspected Jeff Richter of working with the D.A., and needed honest, relevant words, spoken about me, I downloaded my trial arguments and other evidence onto a floppy disc, and gave it to Mr. Richter. 

    He ultimately, sold them to Hollywood, I now, suspect, after railroading me into the Texas State Mental Institution, in Wichita Falls, where I was poisoned with 6 x 120 milligrams of Geodons every day for 3 months.

     They speak much about their merciful gods, but the planned murder of two Louisiana born black men is the real reason why the wicked leaders of Texas is metaphorically transforming Dallas into Egypt, to fit Revelation 11:7, with the world's largest gay church, located, in Dallas, Texas, representing ISIS in the arch form. with all the arched bridges connecting our Caucasian communities to minority communities. 

    It is witchcraft being practice around us.

    Is my belief of a crazy biblical plot to murder John Granger, and myself, Stanley Mathis, helped by politicians of the (New) Congressional District 33 that stretch from downtown Fort Worth (where JFK is) to my 75233 Zip Code in Oak Cliff, a coincident? No. 

    I see Jews, Australians, the British, Italians, and Irish people running the United States Corporation of America, and my estate (here) is a target for their hostile takeover. Threatening my life.

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