Money Saving Art Collection For American Taxpayers

  • Dallas Poet, Stanley Mathis, authored America's Team, the poem, that Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys sold throughout his pro shops, in 1997.

    I will sign Six Poetry Art Certificates Of Authenticity, that allows you to take advantage of an I.R.S. income tax deduction of up to $4200.00 Fair Market Value.

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    American taxpayers can enjoy real benefits by collecting the autograph of 

    Stanley Mathis at more than a 50% rate of $149.00 per 20 x 30 inch poster collected! Get all 6, and pay $900.00!!

    Collect (separately) my appraised autograph on 20" x 30" poetry art posters, entitled, The U.S. of A. Flag, America's Team, My First Love, My Sweet Wonder, The U.S. of A. Washington, or The U.S. of A. Liberty.  

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