Blog: Best Plan For Our Nation's New Homeless

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I was inspired to make the following proposal, on December 25th, 2003, when I was homeless in Dallas, living in shelters, and didn’t have anything materialistic to offer anyone in my family, so I searched within. 

I stayed at her place, that day, and asked Jesus, a.k.a., Yeshua, to give me an idea that could inspire hope for people like myself who were homeless. I would appreciate you forwarding this page to your friends and relatives who might have the same concerns.
In an attempt to deal with the problem of homelessness in the city of Dallas, I, an ex homeless person, myself, would like to offer this coordinated consolidation model that focuses on the many oncoming needs of individuals and families trapped in a system (organizations) that view many in the homeless population as sinners, junkies, and lazy, when the real problem is the lack of vision and a gross misappropriation of funds. 

Fifty trillion dollars lost in our world economy because of the lack of vision, and regulations.

This plan I offer attempts to coordinate the many efforts of those nonprofit organizations truly wanting to improve the condition of the mentally ill, junkies, laborers, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs, all, under one roof, and on a bus line near the downtown of all major cities.

This Plan’s Mission Is To... 
1). Acquire a building, or buildings, consisting of at least ten floors with massive space to renovate for housing up to 5000 homeless people. Landlords will donate properties for this cause. 

2). Accommodate the homeless needs with  massive showing facilities for males, and females, as well as massive dressing rooms with many mirrors, irons, and ironing board, plus, it will include appropriate size lockers for families and individuals to store personal items, (i.e., suits, dress shirts, ties, and shoes, etc..). 

3). Facilitate massive room spaces to better enable all the nonprofit education, drug rehab, jobs training, business training, and transportation programs to succeed. 

4). We must also have volunteers from the medical field to address the very sensitive needs of the physical, and mentally ill who are homeless.

5). Offer a "Massive Day Room” on both the males and females, complete, with a library, Internet connection, televisions, cards, and other games for the mentally ill, as well as a security guard (or two) with backgrounds in education to monitor the situation. 

NOTE: The day rooms are where people (after 9:00 AM) must go to allow our “Paid Homeless Building Housekeeping Crew” to clean up from the 3rd floor up. This clean up crew, consisting of homeless men and women, should expect to gross up to $350.00 a week - since they work. 

6). Monitor all floors from within a "Security Control Center" consisting of two volunteers to better prevent property theft, and, to immediately act by contacting police authorities before complete chaos arise. 

The time is now for community leaders across our nation to inspire real hope among those whom many want to believe are hopeless. 

The Gentiles, many in my own family, are still saying those kinds of things about me because I no longer love money, but I can use it to inspire and motivate others. After all... 

"A feast is made for laughter,
And wine makes you merry;
But money answers everything".

Ecclesiastes 10:19

7). Invite some convenient and department stores, like, Walmart, Targets, K-Mart, Dollar General, Quick Stop,  and 7-11, to offer our “Homeless Entrepreneurs” shelf space and/or investment dollars to market their most viable products with pledges to donate 20% of their net proceeds to this effort that will inspire the creative spirit within the population. 

8). Establish a “Trust Fund For The Homeless” that releases up to $10,000.00 to qualified applicants with sound business plans. This fund will prove to be the most inspirational program offered via this concept. 

NOTE: With an excellent staff coordinating the efforts of all nonprofit organizations, combined, and with many motivated homeless people, believing, this model could become a tremendous help in paying for itself in the years to come.

The Real Bottom Line?
Because the condition of homelessness for many families were caused due to a lack of vision to create and sustain permanent jobs in our corporate America, coupled, with the institutional robbing of many 401K Plans, I believe the homeless are entitled to all the incentives placed here within.

And yes, all of us are sinners. Some of them are junkies, and others are mentally ill. Some are conning, while others are just plain lazy. 

But on the other hand, some of the homeless population are also visionaries, while others are project managers. Some are manufacture workers, while others are office, and field representatives. Some are salesmen, and women, while others are customer service agents. 

And neither of these very valuable resources of our nation are the same, and thus, must be given “Fair Consideration” on an individual bases. Many want to work where there isn’t any work available.

This consolidated homeless initiative will give your community a chance to take the lead in actually doing something significant concerning its problem of homelessness. 

Speak out for change in how we manage homelessness in our nation.