Blog: Being Moved By The Truth Of Jesus

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    Proverbs 13:22

    King James Version (KJV)

    A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: 

    and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

    Proverbs 13:22 is why many Jewish men are inspired to start their own business, because, they could end up with many grandchildren, and working on a job wouldn't pay that inheritance bill. 

    I've given much thought about the future of my children children, and was inspired to ask God for big ideas to solve huge problems in our country, to assure myself a good name in His eyes. 

    I wonder how many "sin hunters" who love to speak on "What makes a real man?" will leave all of their children's children a inheritance? Is a good man a real man? Some people speak nonsense in showing their jealousy of others.

    Don't allow people who believe they are holier than the Truth I know is God make you feel bad about being poor in spirit, for it was the Holy one of Israel who blessed us in Matthew 5:3 to enter the kingdom of heaven with the righteous ones who knows God. 

    I can smile every day because, I know I care about you. And I am kind, considerate, and charitable to others every month I receive my $480.00 SSI payment, so don't blame, or condemn me for being poor when I have so much to sell. Madness.

    Because of the evil things and plots happening around me, that our President, and his friends in high places seems to overlook, I would like you to take notice of how Word Pad has transformed the letter "t" into looking like a cross. People playing God are spending billions to send out messages.

    Are we being crucified by common people, queens, and kings, religious, and business leaders of the world in this new age? Are you, who are afraid to speak the truth hidden in your heart, marked by the beast, and can buy and sell? 

    Jesus ask us not to be afraid when standing behind His truth offered us in His parables that aren't understood by most.

    I've been like I am for a very long time, sociable, but a man with a desire to know how to take care of business on paper, because that's how the world, and the Lord, who is the Word, really works.

    It's about truth. It's about knowing the Word, who is Jesus. It's about believing on the words of Jesus, who is the only Way to knowing the knowledge of His Father's kingdom. This is the understanding given to me by the Holy Spirit of Yeshua. Listen to him.

    I also believe, because He said it, that, the Lord, Words, is the Maker of everything seen, and unseen. Words build empires. Embrace His teaching, working in His words, and you will learn to accept the ways of others, good, and bad, because, if you believe God, He made them that way. 

    I can't change not one hair on a person's head from black, to white. I am a man.

    Hate your brother, but love your enemy. Hate your mother, but love that one who lied on you. Hate your wife, but love them who persecute you. Hate your children, but love them who curse you, and say many bad things against you. Love your neighbor no matter who they are. That's Jesus.

    I love the Lord, because, His words teaches me how to get people (like family) who don't care so much for me, to reconsider all that is bad they had believed against me. I continuously forgive people (my own black folks, online business owners and their staff members) who don't care much for me because, I can be competitive. 

     A man who love to work can never be another person's slave. We are slaves to that which we love to do. I enjoy working, and forgiving. Google might tell you, "That's true."

    I haven't earn $300.00 in 26 years, but I keep watering, and taking care of the business ideas God gave me, and America. He is the Maker of us all. So, am I still being tested after 26 years of following, and obeying my Spirit? No.

    All the footwear I wore up until that purchase were those I received while in Terrell, Texas, where, for the movie Hollywood's writing, they mistakenly sent me for one day, and Wichita Falls Texas State Mental Institution, is where I ended up. I received, then, a pair of sandals from the Austin Street Centre for the homeless, in South Dallas, that I wore until there were about two nylon strings left to hold one of them together.

    If I had taken one more step, in my right one, it would've probably torn a part. I'm now thinking about donating them to the Dallas Historical Society, as well as an original gold suit (and shoes) I purchased in 2001 that you've seen me in on the Internet. 

    I can still wear the suit, but I think it might have some historical importance to others who believe.

    I was raised a heathen, and seldom read the Bible, or attended church, because, I'm not entertained by religious performances. They turn me off. I'm not moved by how well a man, or a woman performs.

    Though I don't consider myself a teacher of scripture, I was moved to speak my beliefs, after, listening to the Lord share His story with me about His kingdom in Jerusalem some of us know as heaven. That's His truth that anyone who read the Book Of Revelation 22:14-17 should be able to understand.

    Outside the gates of the New Jerusalem will be the same as always, says, the Spirit of the Lord, in Revelation 22:14-17. The truth, it they will accept it from me, will come out of Jerusalem. But we I still love all of you in religion who disagree with us.

    The Word, that is God, is no Utopian. That's a plan of men who hate the poor in spirit, like most men are. That's my belief.

    And that's my holy truth.