Blog: A Believer's Walk In Faith For Over 30 Years Without Pay

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 Stan's 2002 Autograph Appraisal

After reading my national jobs creating plan the night we were introduced, Shmuel, or Samuel, said I would become a great poet if I started writing poetry

Bing, "first poet to have autograph appraised," Sam read, listened, and prophesied greatness in this black ex-con. God is a Spirit that dwell in all of us. Be like Him.

"Who is he who speaks and

 it comes to pass,

When the Lord has not

commanded it?

Is it not from the mouth

of the Most High

That woe and well-being



Lamentations 3:37-38


Understanding that "he," a man, is called the Most High, in Lamentation 3:37-38, then, how is it that the Lord is called the Most High by most all the teachers in the church? The Most High is the main man with the Spirit of Truth in him, as Jesus had when He walked the earth.
I call Yeshua the Truth, because, I know it's about believing on the words, and understanding His parables. And Yeshua, the Truth have witnesses in the Old Testament where the Spirit of Truth also reside. God is to be worshiped in Spirit, and in truth. Truth is God.
And my truth is, Genesis 3:15,  Genesis 25:26, and Isaiah 63, proves (to me) that Yeshua was an Edomite. And Jacob probably bruised Esau's heel in his rush to come out first. Isn't Esau knowledgeable, and a seeker of? Justice for the Gentiles? Noah's prophecy?


Today, many people worship John of Patmos, and consider him their Most High, because of the revelations he came forth with. But there's only One Teacher, said the Lord, in Matthew 23:8, and that Teacher isn't me, you, or those who are called teachers on the earth.
I seldom read the Bible, but I was taught, because, there is a Spirit of God (that I didn't see) Who enlightens us to things in the Bible, is what I learned. I can't give credit to a man teaching me any of this I've publish. And not one can say I'm lying.
God is a Spirit of Truth that dwells within all of us. And the foundations due to accuracy in the words are always strong. I read, and believed on the righteous words. And I'm not impressed with performances, and what is shown me. I'm not going to argue with 
Read the last page of your Bible, and know, that, there is no Utopia. The church is being led by lies, and a whole lot of ignorance. But don't blame the Bible. It's an amazing Book of actual accounts (in many cases) that has inspired good, and evil. Choices made by men.

Jesus says, "And when the Helper come,

He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness,

and of judgment: of sin, because they do not believe in Me,

of righteousness, because I go to My Father and

you see Me no more, of judgment, because

the ruler of this world is judged."

John 16:8-9


What is the sin? 

"They do not believe in Me," says Yeshua. Like the religious leaders did in the dreadful day of the Lord, they spy on me looking for sin all day and all night, to try and convict me of, but how much sinning can a person do who's always behind the computer working at trying to gain a legitimate livelihood? 

I'm too busy working to maintain what the Holy Spirit has given me,  in words, for those with the resources to implement, than to be bragging and belittling people about how anointed I am in the Lord. Where is the proof in the written truths of them who say... "Just believe!?"
And being grateful to have received a "Most Congeniality Award" among the inmates I lived with at Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution, why is the church preaching so much about fighting wars? All the warlords are products, it seems, of religions. Bibles are about giving accounts of a particular king's kingdom.
May God continue to bless me with peace in my life despite the curses spoken over me, because, I owe no explanation to a world of nonbelievers about my faith and belief in the Truth, that is Yeshua, when, I know  it was me, in 1987, who fell to my knees with tears running down my face because of the shame I knew my mother (and grand kids) would feel about my being back at Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution. I was ready for change, and to do good deeds.

Jesus says, "There is nothing that
enters a man from outside which can
defile him; but the things which come
out of him, those are the things that
defile a man."

"If anyone has an ear to hear,
let him hear!"

Mark 7:15

Do you accept Jesus' way? I was railroaded on a parole violation, in 1987, engineered by my, then, Parole Officer, Richard Mallard, in conspiracy with some Volunteers Of America staff members who wrote up lies, after lies, on me, in the Halfway House ledger used to have me put out, and two weeks, later, picked up a on a Warrant by U.S. Marshals over at my mother's place around 3:00 that Friday evening, resulting, in my having to get on my knees about 2:30 AM that Saturday morning, praying, to God, and asking Him to bless me with the spirit of "compassion," first, because  that was my second time being incarcerated.  

Knowing how to be arrogant, conning, and selfish, I knew I would need to be able to forgive everyone not having faith in my words that I had changed if I was going to go forward with a new life (in my own business) that I also asked for.
I asked the Lord to bless me with "vision," so I can see the good Your ideas would do for those they're intended for.  And finally, I asked the Lord to grant me the wisdom to make the right choices, and the discernment to know the truthful spirits from the false ones.  I even asked You, because I knew I needed help, to send me wise men who would share things with me, and You did. 

In fact, after going to bed, and waking up, right directly across the cell from mine was the first man to prophecy in my life, and he was the Imam, Rashid, a.k.a., Lawrence Wilson, who told me he was born in Liberia, and was an investment analyst on 82nd St. in New York City, but resided in Philadelphia, PA, and he stated to me, one day, that, "You are the one person in our nation whom, I believe, is going to share one of America's best kept secrets."
That's almost exactly how Rashid said it. Now I believe the Lord was speaking through him. The brother, I learned a few years, ago, was still a con man.

Looking like Donnie Simpson, B.E.T.'s first VJ, Rashid, is the person who introduced me to the Federal Crime Insurance Program by having a package mailed to me inside Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution, above, after sharing with me how it benefits 10's of thousands of citizens participating in it in 14 states, not including, Texas. 

Believing I had received a new spirit of taking care of my own business, soon after,  I started brainstorming, learning to write, and asking Rashid all kinds of questions about business, something that he said he specialized in, being a man with business contacts and  investors around the world. Rashid, who  was a multi-millionaire, he said, was set up by people in the state of Oregon. 

I thought he was lying. And he probably was?