Appraised Collectibles By America's Team Poet Stanley Mathis

  • The Ex-Con Is A 2002 Who's Who in America

    The Black Church Is No Help To This Ex-Cons

  • Mentally Ill?
  • Incarcerate Us? Google is a pedophile.
  • DNC & Obama Are Against Black Men
  • Denied Editing & Publishing Rights
        • America's Team Framed Print featuring the digital art America's Team Poetry Art by Stanley Mathis

  • Trump, a witness, was chosen by Evangelicals, Red, and Blue. 

  • The Royal House Of Judah

  • Jesus, a Spirit of Truth, a God, now, is speaking of doing the right thing regarding His chosen servant from the house of Judah, and Benjamin, the chosen families of their God. Called crazy by cowards and racism.

  • Stalked by the pink devil, this Classic Google Site inspired the founders to react one day after Halloween. They tamper with evidence.


    That's Stanley's mother, above, who was forced to retire from the U.S. Postal Service in her 28th year.  She was a pretty special woman, and a strong mother.

    • I celebrate America, and not Columbus. You're hating on black ex-cons who speak truth?  

        It's about creating products to sell to people who aren't black. Human jobs. It's about my children's children.

        A believer in, God, the Spirit that drives us all, is Creator of everything, seen, and unseen. An ex-con.

      Unsigned Collectible Prints Framed Print featuring the digital art The U.S. of A. Poetry Art by Stanley Mathis

  • Because of Shmuel, they all know, that, in 1974, I was kicked out of the D.I.S,D, the U.S. Navy after one month, and dropped out of Berkeley High. Incarcerated 3 times.


                  • Who's To Blame?
                  • We all live in a world of pain. And we all look for someone else to blame.

                    You'll blame me, and I'll blame you, for things we all, together, must do.

                    We must educate to appreciate. We must love ourselves enough to care 

                    About our children having guns. And men, who coward, and run,

                    Leaving our women at home collecting welfare.

                    And I'd like to say this  of what our country misses.

                    It is the love of all mankind. But by educating ourselves

                    Our country will get well, and thus, provide a future

                    For both yours, and mine.

                    We all miss our aim when choosing others to blame

                    Because the answer lies deep within ourselves.

                    So let us all make a stand, together.

                    For blacks, whites, and browns, are here, forever.

                    And we all should open our mind to someone else.

                In 1988, Samuel, above, center, walked with me every day while on an Israeli Tourist Visa, in Dallas, Texas.

                  My father was born on April 21, 1939.

    • London Framed Print featuring the digital art London The City by Stanley Mathis

    • Evil railroaded me into Wichita Falls Texas State Mental Institution, in 2004, incarcerated three times, railroaded, twice, Jack Anderson, and the IPA's Board Of Governors invited the black Ex-Con. Why? They knew things.

              • She met After 7 before she died in 2000.

          • Stanley Mathis Grandmother


      • "There is nothing that
        enters a man from outside which can
        defile him; but the things which come
        out of him, those are the things that
        defile a man."

        "If anyone has an ear to hear,
        let him hear!

        Mark 7:15 (NKJV)

      • White Asians? I've never called Caucasians white Asians. Dog whistle to Google? I was RAILROADED into Wichita Falls Texas State Mental Institution, in 2004, before finishing the 18 month State Jail Sentence given to me. 

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