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    "Usa Poet" Ballin 

  • A Memorable Christmas

  • A happy, merry Christmas, is what I'm wishing you,

  • In the form of this poem that I hope will do.

  • For they are all I have to offer you, and yours,

  • From a great, living poet, whose works are adored.

  • Throughout America, and around the world,

  • This poet's autograph has value like pearls.

  • So frame, and preserve, this poem I give thee.

  • And a very merry Christmas from my family, 



  • Most products, blogs, and business opportunities, you accessed from this web page, were created by Stanley Mathis, who has been on a  road to redemption, since 1987, when he swore to change for good, in prayer, in federal prison. Stanley, prayed for compassion, vision, and wisdom.

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      Johnnie Jewel Justice Mathis Henry

      Came: April 22, 1939
      Left: May 7, 2001

          great, great grandson of Cain Mathis, who owned over 600 acres of land, and two grocery stores, listed, in the early 1920's Census, I'm also the 
          grandson of the late, Johnny Justice, a Freemason out of Colorado.


    • The simple believes every word,
      But the prudent considers well his steps.
      A wise  man fears and departs from evil, 
      But a fool rages and is self-confident.
      A quick-tempered man acts foolishly,
      And a man of wicked intent is hated.



      • While searching GOOGLE, using Opera, Google popped
                              • don't steal? Yes! Heterosexuals are jailed. Unfair.

              • "And it shall be in that day that
                every prophet will be ashamed of
                his vision when he prophesies;
                they will not wear a robe of
                coarse hair to deceive".
                Zechariah 13:4

    • Incarcerated three times, on SSI, with no home, no car, no furniture, and few clothes, I own most of the collectible products accessed from here. 


        • How does one attain perfection in the eyes of Jesus? Because it inspires the rich to charity, Matthew 19:21, is the 11th commandment.


            • Online, since 2002, marketing, today, over 2002 products, but my printing partner, Fine Art America, is the only one who paid. My gross? A $35.00 check. Thieving systems.


      • Isaac "Ike" Thomas called me Little Red when he dated my mother as a Dallas Cowboys player. We would go and ball at Cummins, and Kiest Recs. Ike, later, became a Probation Officer. 

      • Other Athletes Stanley Has Known

                                                                    • Then one from the crowd said to Him, "Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me."

                                                                      But He said to him, "Man,
                                                                      who made Me a judge or an
                                                                      arbitrator over you?"

                                                                    • Luke 12:13

                                                                    •  In 1987, I prayed, and made a covenant my Godly Spirit, in federal prison. I prayed for compassion, vision, and wisdom. I needed those virtues, and believed I received them. So I went to work, relearning, myself.

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