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Oddfellows Rosebowl

  1. The competition shall be known as the “Stamford Oddfellows Charity Rosebowl”  and shall be competed for annually on a knockout basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  All clubs affiliated to the Stamford and District Bowls League shall be eligible to enter ONE OR MORE teams into the competition. Applications for entry require the team captain’s name, address and telephone number ONLY.
  2. After all expenses have been paid the remaining proceeds shall be equally divided between League funds and a local charity.
  3. Each team shall comprise 9 players all of whom shall be solely representative of their registered club and remain together in each round of the competition.  Substitution by reserve(s) may be permitted PROVIDED ALWAYS that the  following (Rule 4) is strictly observed.
  4. Having once played in any round of the competition a player shall then be “cup-tied” to any other competing team.
  5. Entry fees shall be decided at each succeeding Annual General Meeting.
  6. Each match will comprise 18 ends of  THREE-WOOD TRIPLES to be played on the green of the home drawn team to the date of the final which will then be played on a date and green to be decided at the Annual General Meeting. Preliminary round matches to be played on a home only basis.
  7. The competition shall be played to E.B.F. rules and (in all other respects) to the requirements of the Stamford and District Bowls League.
  8. The highest number of accumulated shots will decide the winning team. Should the total number of winning shots be equal at the terminating of 18  ends for preliminary matches (or 10 ends per game in adverse circumstances) then the game will continue until one team has attained a final winning aggregate. In preliminary round matches an accumulated total of shots will determine the winner.
  9. In the event of a match not being completed due to bad light or inclement weather and 10 ends having been played on each of the three rinks then the abandoned result will stand.
  10. Team entries will close on the stipulated date to enable the draw to take place for the preliminary rounds. 
  11. Home teams will offer their opponents at least three suitable dates for play-off.  These must not be on consecutive days or interfere with the normal league programme.
  12. HOME team captain is responsible for returning the match result card, SIGNED BY BOTH CAPTAINS, and clearly marked “ORB” to the Competition Secretary within 4 days of the fixture.
  13. Teams failing to meet play-off dates without prior approval of the Competition Secretary may forfeit further participation.
  14. The presentation of the trophy will form part of the annual awards together with suitable individual miniatures to the winners and runners-up at the discretion of the Executive Committee (see General Rule 15).
  15. The Competition shall at all times be under the direct control of the Competition Secretary and any dispute shall be referred to her for adjudication.
  16. Any eventuality not specifically covered in the above rules and not agreed under Item15 shall be referred to the Executive Committee whose decision shall then become absolute and in precedent.

   THE FINAL WILL BE PLAYED AT                   ON SUNDAY AUGUST   AT 2.00pm.