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Duncomb Shield



1.      The competition shall be known as the “Duncomb Shield” and shall be played for annually between pre-entered teams of FOUR players (playing any combination of 3 from 4, both in the preliminary and final rounds, each of whom shall be registered members of the Stamford and District Bowls League. On finals day teams may only be changed at the start of a new game. All four members of the team should be available to play on finals day.

2.      Competing teams shall solely represent their registered league team and shall remain together in every round of the competition. 

3.      All competing teams are required to enter their own applications through the official entry forms supplied to each league team captain before the start of the playing programme. Names of players must be included on the entry forms. 

4.      Entry fees shall be decided at each successive Annual General Meeting. 

5.      The competition shall be played to E.B.F. rules and (in all other respects) to the requirements of the Stamford and District Bowls League.   

6.      Having once played in a competition a player shall then be “cup-tied” to any other team. 

7.      The competition shall be under the direct control of the Competition Secretary and any dispute shall be referred to her for adjudication.

8.      All entries are to close on the date stipulated by the League Executive Committee when the draw shall then take place to determine the first round matches. 

9.      Each match will then comprise 21 ends of 2 wood triples played on a knockout basis until only eight teams remain to compete in the final tournament.  

10.  All matches to the date of the final will be played on the greens of the home drawn team who will offer their opponents three suitable dates for play-off which must not coincide with normal league fixtures. 

11.  HOME TEAM SKIP will be responsible for returning the match result card SIGNED BY BOTH SKIPS to the COMPETITION SECRETARY clearly marked “Duncomb Shield”. 

It can either be scanned and emailed to                              or posted the next day.

12.  On the second Sunday in September (or such other date agreed at the Annual General Meeting) the eight qualifying teams will meet at a pre-selected venue to enter into a series of matches over 11 ends (played in two leagues) to determine the winners and runners-up in a final match of 11 ends or as agreed by the competition steward and skips on the day. 

13.  The venue for the above finals day tournament will be decided by the committee.  

14.  Any player doubting his availability on the day of the final is advised to refrain from initial entry. Failure to compete on the scheduled day may carry an automatic 12 months suspension from the competition. 

15.  Any player entering the competition and then transferring to another Stamford League team during the course of the playing programme should notify the Competition Secretary without delay. 

16.  The presentation of the Duncomb Shield shall form part of the annual competition awards. Suitable individual trophies to the winners and runners-up will be at the discretion of the League Committee. 

17.  Any eventuality or condition not specifically covered in the above rules or not dealt with under item 7 shall be referred to the League Committee whose decision shall then become absolute and in precedent.                




       THE FINAL WILL BE PLAYED  AT                  CLUB  ON SUNDAY AUGUST     AT   2.00pm .