Match rules for the Stamford and District Bowls league shall conform to those set out in the current edition of the English Bowling Federation Handbook to which should be added the following adjustments: -

1. All evening matches to commence at 18.30. 

2. All matches to consist of 3 rinks of 2-wood triples played over 21 ends plus 2 trial ends (see also 9 below). In the event of a player shortage it is permissible for 2 players to play against 3 on each rink. i.e a minimum of 6 players required in the team. See EBF “laws of the game”.
2a.  i) Captains may also use one or more registered players up to a maximum of three,from another team within the same club ONLY to meet player shortasges. 
       ii) Where substitutes are used, opposing Captains must be informed and result cards marked identifying the relevant player(s).
NOTE: The above  apply to League Matches only.

3. Each completed match to score:-

4 points for a team win

2 points for a team drawx

plus – 2 additional points for each winning rink 

1 additional point for each drawing rink

Each NON completed match to score 10 points + 15 shots to the non offending team, the offending team to be deducted 5 points and 15 shots.

4. Team captains or their representatives are required to be in attendance to toss for the choice of opening jack.

5. In the event of a team requiring to rearrange a fixture for any reason other than by unfit ground or inclement weather they must notify the opposing Captain AND the Fixture Secretary IN WRITING a minimum of 7 days prior to the date of the scheduled fixture. The Fixture Secretary will then, after consultation with the opposing Captain, inform both teams of the decision.

6. In the event of an agreed postponement due to an unfit ground or inclement weather, the home Captain must WITHIN 7 days offer the opposing Captain three alternative dates, one of these dates may be a weekend. The opposing  Captain must accept within 3 days. All re-arranged fixtures must be completed before the last competition final is played each season (usually the first weekend in September).


7. Any proposed arrangement between team captains for the equal (or part apportionment) of match points for an unplayed league fixture is not possible.

8.In the event of inclement weather, prior to the commencement of play, the captains may agree to stop play after 12 ends have been played on ALL rinks. This agreement may NOT be rescinded and play MUST cease after 12 ends have been played on all rinks regardless of the weather at the time. If during a match it becomes impossible to  continue play and 12 ends have been completed  the captains may agree to terminate the game. The score will stand according to the highest number of ends played in common by ALL rinks. I.e If one rink has played 14 ends, another 15 and the third 16 the highest number played in common would be 14. If 12 ends have not been played the match willl be classed as abandoned and will need to be rearranged according to the rules.

 9. HOME TEAM CAPTAIN is required to return the pre-printed result card, SIGNED BY BOTH CAPTAINS to the FIXTURE SECRETARY , after each game. A SIMILAR CARD MUST ALSO BE RETURNED FOR A POSTPONED FIXTURE.


Results cards may be scanned and sent by email to                          or posted the next day. The sooner the results are advised the sooner League tables can be published.


League Tables will appear as often as possible in the Stamford Mercury, Rutland Times and Bourne Local and also weekly on the website


Emails are classed as "in writing".