As I write this message the outdoor season seems ages away but this is the time of year when all the clubs are busy with maintenance work and the greens are receiving their annual overhaul thanks to the many experienced and clever groundsmen  within the sport.

It was quite a surprise to be invited to be your President for the forthcoming season and an honour not only for myself but for the club where I enjoy so many fun times, particularly  as Market Overton is celebrating 75 years in 2020. 

I will do my best to do the role justice and meet up with as many of you as I can throughout my term of office.  Previous Presidents have set the bar high.  On behalf of all of us I sincerely thank the League Officers and Committee who ensure the smooth running of events. 

My Gala day is at my home club,’ Market Overton’,  Sunday 2nd  August   where we have a superb green and good facilities and you will receive a warm welcome. My chosen charity is ‘SHINE’  based in Peterborough which supports the families and babies born with Spina bifida and or Hydrocephalus. Not a name many are familiar with I know but sadly I lost my own first born  aged 5 months suffering with both . It was a terrible time with none of the support  that SHINE is able to offer these days.  Modern day mothers may be diagnosed  during the scans and other screening available which was non existent in 1961. Remarkable strides have been made in the diagnosis and sometimes treatment, some even before birth.

‘Shine’ is run by some  amazing people and the improvement they bring to the quality of life of many families is unfathomable. Please help me to help another mother to obtain the support that was not available to me. 

My very best wishes to all of you, enjoy your bowling!     Annette