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THROUGHOUT this critical layoff which we are being forced into, former sports journalist and publisher of Bowls International magazine and now chairman of Ketton Bowls Club, Bob Warters is keeping the local community up to date with what’s currently happening on the bowls scene with his reports in the Stamford Mercury. To find out what he has to say each week click on Stamford Mercury in the header above.

When we have been given the all clear to get out on the greens again, let’s hope it will be  before the ‘season’ ends, we hope all of our clubs will have survived all the traumas and be in a fit and ready condition to at least get some bowls running up and down the green. Maybe after the enforced layoff we’ll need to get the adrenalin going again. To help get back the enthusiasm we’ve come up with what we hope could be a new exciting format. One that could not only be incorporated into your own club activities, but maybe into the league fixtures as well. Also it is designed to encourage all ages and genders to have a go at bowls for the first time with the assistance from experienced players. The name of the format is ‘JACK IN THE MIDDLE’ and it is played in pairs, one of which can be a complete newcomer, with the other taking on the role of player/coach who can give advice to his team mate throughout the match. To start each end the jack is placed halfway up the green. Both players in the team play together from the same end, and the teams change ends after all woods have been bowled alternatively, four for each player.
The scoring system is the same as other disciplines and the duration of the match can either be timed, number of ends or first team to score pre-determined number of shots.
The make up of the teams can be either pairs, triples or fours and can include all ‘experienced’ players if required. One of the attractions will be to those players, young or old who find it difficult to reach long jacks, particularly at what is normally the start of the season.
This new format could also be played indoors.
We would be interested in whether your club would be interested in including this into your playing activities either as a internal club/league competition or as an addition to our league competitions/fixtures.

Please contact Denis Stapleton at denisstap@btinternet.com with your views.

Below is the letter that has been sent to all the clubs secretaries  in our league. I too am very sorry that the fixtures will not take place but it was a necessary step to make. In doing this we are not telling clubs that they have to close. It is up to you to make that decision. I hope that everyone comes through unscathed and look forward to next season. Take care everybody.
Dear All

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that with immediate effect the S & D Bowls League will be cancelled for this coming season.
We have listened to the government advice, consulted with our executive committee by email and seen the advice from our governing body, all of which points us to the decision we've come to.
The Executive strongly feel that we have a duty of care to our players, most of whom come into the 'at risk' category and haven't taken this decision lightly.
We also appreciate that this may well be the demise of some clubs and if you want to pursue looking into any financial help please go to the following website link for further details: http://www.sportengland.org/news/coronavirus-information-sector
Please be assured that we have the best interests of our bowlers in mind at this extremely difficult time for us all.
Keep safe.
Regards Nina Rawlins
S & D Bowls League Secretary


Email: Margaret.holden393@btinternet.com

Phone: 01778 349534

Mobile:  07936 502905