No 10 Market Deeping

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 Market Deeping Bowls Club
The earliest recorded meeting of Market Deeping Bowls Club took place in the Three Tuns Public House on the 10th March 1954 and there were 15 members present. At this time they were only playing friendly matches against Peakirk, Asycoughfee, Crowland and Littleworth amongst others. Interesting point from the meeting was that they had £2.4.9d in the bank and assets of £20 - this included the hut, mower, roller and markers.
Like a lot of clubs around at this time money was an issue and several times during the next few years the club came close to folding and were only saved by fund raising events such as Whist Drives, and in 1957 a raffle for a packet of 20 cigarettes was held during each home match.
During the years the Minutes of the Club refer to such things as “damage to the fencing caused by falling trees” or as in 1964 it was reported that “a beast caused damage to the green” - £1 compensation was received for this and again further damage caused by cattle in 1966.
In 1983 the Club finally purchased the land that the green was on for the sum of £1500. Over the next few years additional parcels of land purchased to give the area that the Club has today.
Over the years the green has raised a few eyebrows for visiting teams indeed in 1990 the Club came close to being expelled from the Peterborough League due to the state of the green. However over the past 4 years under the expert eye of Mark Hammond great progress has been made to the playing surface with a considerable amount of money being spent, money raised by the membership. Visiting teams will also see that improvements inside the Clubhouse and viewing areas have been made during this winter.
1956 Joined the Peterborough League 1988 Joined the Stamford League
New members are welcome to join our Club as we look to build on last season when four of the Clubs teams gained promotions. Phone 01733 574192