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No 11 Bourne Town Bowls Club

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No 10 Market Deeping

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 Market Deeping Bowls Club
The earliest recorded meeting of Market Deeping Bowls Club took place in the Three Tuns Public House on the 10th March 1954 and there were 15 members present. At this time they were only playing friendly matches against Peakirk, Asycoughfee, Crowland and Littleworth amongst others. Interesting point from the meeting was that they had £2.4.9d in the bank and assets of £20 - this included the hut, mower, roller and markers.
Like a lot of clubs around at this time money was an issue and several times during the next few years the club came close to folding and were only saved by fund raising events such as Whist Drives, and in 1957 a raffle for a packet of 20 cigarettes was held during each home match.
During the years the Minutes of the Club refer to such things as “damage to the fencing caused by falling trees” or as in 1964 it was reported that “a beast caused damage to the green” - £1 compensation was received for this and again further damage caused by cattle in 1966.
In 1983 the Club finally purchased the land that the green was on for the sum of £1500. Over the next few years additional parcels of land purchased to give the area that the Club has today.
Over the years the green has raised a few eyebrows for visiting teams indeed in 1990 the Club came close to being expelled from the Peterborough League due to the state of the green. However over the past 4 years under the expert eye of Mark Hammond great progress has been made to the playing surface with a considerable amount of money being spent, money raised by the membership. Visiting teams will also see that improvements inside the Clubhouse and viewing areas have been made during this winter.
1956 Joined the Peterborough League 1988 Joined the Stamford League
New members are welcome to join our Club as we look to build on last season when four of the Clubs teams gained promotions. Phone 01733 574192


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ONE of the oldest bowls clubs in the area, and with 93 playing members and 34 social  members probably one of the largest in terms of numbers. It has its A team in Division 1 of the Stamford & District Bowls League, their B team and its Owls  play in Division 2 and their D team in Division 3. Last season their A team finished in second place. The Owls finished in sixth place and the B team finished up in 3rd place. The D team finished  in seventh place.
This highly active club, situated in The Vale, also run weekend and friendly teams and hold various fund raising activities.
Applications for membership can be obtained by phoning the Secretary David Morgan on 01572 756647   


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Situated at the Greetham Community Centre in Great Lane, the green was opened in 1984.

The club only has one team in the League which plays in division 1. The B team had to disband due to lack of numbers, at present we have 25 members, 17 fit to play league matches.

Our club night is on Wednesdays at 6.00.  New members will be warmly welcomed. Contact  Steve Brown  01572 755427  email  




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Situated in the aptly named Bowling Green Lane, Market 

Overton, the club was formed in 1945. We have two teams in 

the Stamford League, the Tornadoes and the Harriers. Our bowlers also play in Friendly matches and Melton Triples.  Every Thursday evening is a roll up where bowlers can hone their skills or newcomers just have a go. First three visits are free of charge. It is a good time to come along if you are considering the game.  However alternatively  one to one sessions can also be arranged. No equipment is required initially other than flat soled shoes. 


Our club has a reputation for a warm and friendly welcome 

and members enjoy the use of the club house, bar, good 

parking and a fantastic green.  Thanks to Richard Shepherd 

from Queniborough who has put in hours of work for us and 

our own greenkeeping team we now have one of the best 

greens in the county. 


Two Galas are held each year and the dates for 2019  are 14th 

July and 1st September. The finals of the Boor and Wainwright 

competition will be held at the venue on Sunday 31st August.  

Visitors welcome. 


Plans are in hand for our 75th celebration in 2020 so watch this 

space or check out our website We are honoured that 

our Club Secretary Annette Oliver will be President of the Stamford League in the same year. 


Anyone interested in becoming a member whatever age - are 

welcome from school age to pensioner - experienced or 

complete novice - fun, fitness and friendship is what we preach. 

So come and join us. 


Our opening gathering is the Cheese and Wine evening Friday 

5th April 2019 at 7.30 pm. We would be very pleased to see you 


All enquiries to Secretary/Treasurer Annette Oliver 

Tel 01572 812233/


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FOUNDED in 1987 the club has currently 36 playing members and 6 social members. Their A and B teams both play in division two of the Stamford & District Bowls League. Last season the B team finished 7th and  the A team finished 10th. The club also play in Over 60's Friendly's on Wednesday afternoons. They hold their own club singles, doubles and triples competitions on two Sundays during the season.
Also, during the season, they run social events on Saturdays and Sundays which include bowls with lunches and Bar-B-Q's.
The club, situated in The Avenue, is always looking for new members. Anyone who might be interested is invited along to roll-ups on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Just bring along a pair of flat shoes and they will provide the rest.
For any further information contact the Club's Vice Chairman David Richardson on 01778 424450



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FORMED as long ago as 1913, the club, situated in Exeter Gardens, currently has 49 playing members and 7 social. They have three teams playing in the Stamford & District Bowls League on Mondays and Fridays. The C team plays in Division 1 and the A and D teams play in Division 3.  
They also have a team playing on a Saturday, in Division 1 of the Peterborough Weekend League and their ever popular Friendly team continues to thrive. 
They host an annual Gala Day in June, on the 11th this year  and organise other fund raising activities throughout the winter months.
They are always pleased to welcome new members and further information can be obtained by contacting either the Chairman,  Len Marshall on 01780 757683 or the Secretary Mrs Sue Starbuck on 01780 757459.
The management wish to point out that the entire site is a non smoking area.  


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Empingham Bowls Club was founded 76 years ago in 1938  with only 10 members and played teams including Langham, Whissendine and Market Bosworth on three rinks ; one on local resident Matt Thraves' front lawn and two on a newly laid green at the bottom of  The Rectory Garden. When World War Two started in 1939 the club was disbanded and the  green was returned to grazing.
In 1946 the club restarted, this time with 14 members who had to be men and over the age of 18. The yearly subscription was 2 shillings and sixpence ( 12.5p). In 1952 a match fee of 1 shilling(5p) per game was introduced.  In 1958  the yearly subscription was raised to 10 shillings (50p).
Ladies were allowed to join for the first time in 1959 and two years later the club entered and won the Stamford League. Were the newly joined ladies an influence?  It seems that they might have been because the club won the league again the next year !
All three rinks were now on the rectory green.  It was decided to open the membership to anyone over 15 years of age, and in 1965 this saw the membership rise to 21.
In 1967 the new Rector barred the Club from using the garden path to the green.  A year later bullocks got onto the green causing slight damage. Did the Rector know that they were using the garden path to get to the green, or were they protesting on behalf of the bowlers ? In 1974 the Rectory was sold and thankfully the new owner allowed the club to continue to use the green,but in 1978 they were given notice to  quit the green by 1980. They became affiliated to the Cricket Club and a General Meeting was called to discuss the future of the club which now had only 15 members and just £18 in the bank. Matt Thraves came to the rescue again by offering the top of his paddock for a new green. A Green Construction Committee was formed and fund raising began in earnest.
In 1980 worked started on the new green.The ground was levelled at a cost of £560 and fencing was erected, (probably to keep those aforementioned  bullocks out) . The grass seed was sown twice in late September, a strong wind having blown the seed off the green area and into the ditch and onto the road. The seed was recovered and put back to its proper place. All matches were played away whilst the work was still going on. The water supply was connected, a new mower was bought for £280 which was raised at a cheese and wine party, a hedge was planted, the pavilion erected and the club applied to re-join the Stamford league for the 1982  season. The new green was opened on June the 5th of that year.
The club currently has nearly fifty playing members, attracting people from Oakham, Stamford and nearby villages, as well as Empingham residents , to play on its small but well maintained green.  It offers all standards of bowling to its members with a team in the first division of the Stamford & District Bowls league, teams that play in friendly matches on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings, and some popular Saturday afternoon games. Tuesday evenings are roll ups when all are welcome to turn up and join in. Some of our more competitive members enter County competitions and have had success at national level including the club's inimitable Mike Ramsden.
The club is strongly associated with the village Cricket Club where social events are held both in summer and winter. A friendly atmosphere prevails within the club with many members doing what they can to contribute to its ongoing success. For any further information with regard to membership etc please contact the clubs secretary John Macpherson on 01780 460929 or at where you can be assured of a friendly welcome.


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Barnack Bowls Club in Walcot Road is renowned as having one of the best greens in the area.. Added to this its idyllic setting makes it one of the most popular and attractive greens to play on.

With a loan from the Peterborough City Council the club was built during the year of 1989 opening in1990 with three teams playing in Division Three of the Stamford & District Bowls League. The following year their A team were promoted to Division 2

Currently  the B team is in Division 2 . The Vikings and the Saxons are in Division 3.

As usual they are holding two Gala Open Days on Wednesday 14th June and Wednesday 2nd August  plus they have their Internal Competitions and fun days along with barbecues(weather permitting). Also there are Roll Ups every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. For any further information including membership details please contact the Secretary Margaret Broadbelt on 01780 740133.

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