In memory of 65 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers who were tortured in a Nazi prisoner of war

Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!

In the scientific literature and journalism in the history of the Second World War is still some debate about the number of irreversible losses, the Soviet Union.
Given the latest data archival staff of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia lead information (1998) of those who died during the four years of war:
irrecoverable losses of the Red (Soviet) Army were
11 944 100 people, including those killed 6 885 000 people missing, captured 4 559 000. In total, the Soviet Union lost
26 600 000 citizens.

Of these, Stalag 326 (VI-K)-Stukenbrock in Germany, died at the hands of Nazi executioners 65000 people (but this data is estimated, according to archival documents and memoirs of survivors of the horrors of Nazi captivity - who died more than 75000 people).

                                                      foto 1945 year

May 2, 2013 marks 68 years since the opening of the first in Europe monument, built by freed Soviet prisoners of war
their comrades who died in Nazi captivity.
History of Stalag-326 and the history of the construction of the monument is little known.
Only documents, memories and photos of 1945
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Updates are constantly as training material.
Begun compiling an electronic database killed in Stalag-326

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